SIVECO Software that matters

SIVECO - Software that matters

SIVECO Romania is the leading Romanian software house and one of the most successful regional leaders in eLearning, eHealth, eAgriculture, eCustoms, eGovernment and eBusiness from Central and Eastern Europe.

The company develops and exports software products and high value added consultancy projects to countries within the European Community, The Middle East, North Africa and the CIS area.

We design software that matters for...

  • millions of students, teachers and parents who build the "education of the future" 
  • hundreds of organisations with major impact in the Romanian business environment
  • companies oriented towards success that invest in training thousands of employees
  • tens of thousands of doctors and millions of beneficiaries of health services 
  • hundreds of thousands of farmers who get easy access to European funds
  • hundreds of thousands of beneficiaries of projects financed from structural funds
  • positioning the Romanian intelligence worldwide through continuous research and development
  • recognizing Romania among the world's elite of educational software



Bucharest, 7th of May, 2015, eHealth Conference, powerd by Agora Media
What is Health Insurance IT Platform? And what benefits have patients, medical services suppliers and authorities?

Case Study

New Computerized Transit System of the Macedonian Customs Administration