About SIVECO Romania | SIVECO Romania

About SIVECO Romania

We design software that matters for...

  • millions of students, teachers and parents who build the "education of the future" 
  • hundreds of organisations with major impact in the Romanian business environment
  • companies oriented towards success that invest in training thousands of employees
  • tens of thousands of doctors and millions of beneficiaries of health services 
  • hundreds of thousands of farmers who get easy access to European funds
  • hundreds of thousands of beneficiaries of projects financed from structural funds
  • positioning the Romanian intelligence worldwide through continuous research and development
  • recognizing Romania as part of the world's elite of educational software: more than 200 national & international awards

SIVECO Romania develops and exports software products and consultancy projects with high added value to countries within the European Community, The Middle East, North Africa and the CIS area.

SIVECO Romania is the only Romanian software company that provides IT services directly to the European Commision organizations.

The company is specialized in developing large and complex IT projects for education, health, agriculture, customs organizations, European institutions, private companies and public sector.

During over 25 years of activity, SIVECO Romania received more than 200 national and international recognitions and prizes.