European IT Software Excellence Awards 2013 | SIVECO Romania

European IT & Software Excellence Awards 2013

Within the European IT & Software Excellence Awards 2013, SIVECO Romania has received the FINALIST title for 5 projects:

1. Implementation of the Processing System for Rural Development Applications at the Payment Agency for Rural Development and Fishery, Solution Provider/Government Solution of the Year category
2. Implementation of the ERP System SIVECO Applications 2020 at ACET Suceava, ISV - ERP/Supply Chain Management Solution, category
3. Implementation of the eLearning project developed in partnership with NCI (National Center for Informatization in Kazakhstan) for the Ministry of Education in Kazakhstan, ISV / Government Solution category
4. Implementation of the Multitouch project developed for the Ministry of National Education, ISV / Software Innovation Solution of the year category
5. Implementation of a financial reporting system for banking sector in Moldavia, developed for the National Bank, Solution provider / Vertical Solution of the Year