Integrated Information System For Activity Management Of The City Hall Of Bucharest Municipality

To make its activities more effective and modernize the services provided to the inhabitants of Bucharest, in the framework of the Integrated Information System, THE BUCHAREST CITY HALL has also implemented the components provided by the SIVECO Applications Integrated Information System.

Starting Points

The profound changes that Romania has gone through for the last 15 years have led to the need to make the activity of the Bucharest City Hall more efficient so as to assure both that the requirements and expectations of the local community are met and that all valid regulations and legal provisions are complied with.

The City Hall of the Bucharest Municipality is organized and operates in accordance with the provisions of the Law on local public administration no. 215/2001 and in accordance with the decisions of the General Council of the Bucharest Municipality regarding the approval of the organizational structure and the number of positions for its own specialized body.

According to the declaration and commitment of the General Mayor of Bucharest in the field of quality, this institution takes upon itself to meet more and more the requirements of all parties involved: the citizens of the Bucharest Municipality, the local society and community, the structures of the central and local administration, non-governmental bodies and organizations, public services and institutions, juridical bodies, commercial societies, national and international partners.

Thus there has appeared the need to set up an Integrated Information System that would manage in a unique way all existing data and information categories of the Bucharest Municipality, answer to the requirements defined by any of the departments and assure the accurate, complete and well-timed information of all decision making factors.

Our company develops and offers IT solutions for various business fields. The SIVECO Applications Integrated Information System for the global management of information in an institution is built in client/server architecture, the software support on which it was developed being provided by the Oracle company.

Project Stages

Immediately after signing the contract (the end of June 2003), very shortly afterwards, the opening project meeting took place and all activities required to bring the implementation of the SIVECO Applications integrated computer system to a successful end were started up.

The project teams on the beneficiary as well as on the provider side were defined. From the PMB side, the project team included persons responsible for various components of the Integrated Information System, database administrators and programmer engineers from the IT System Unit. The SIVECO Romania project team was made up of specialists from the implementation department, a person technically responsible and another one responsible for the quality control.

The project set off with the analysis of processes from all directions of the City Hall of Bucharest Municipality involved in working with the system. The SIVECO team members together with the end-users analyzed, by activity field, the processes carried out within the institution, what information was necessary for the already existing computer system and what the output was. After collecting all data, the analysis document that described the processes of each department was drafted, dataflow diagrams were made and requirements for each process were identified.

After validation of the analysis document by the beneficiary, the installing of the contracted components and formulation of import specifications followed. Based on these specifications, data from the computer system so far in use were imported in the database of the SIVECO Applications system.

The import was performed in two databases: TEST and PRODUCTION. The data from the TEST environment were used in the second stage of the system implementation that is for the training of end-users.

After training the end-users and the IT personnel, proper work started, for some time in parallel with the old system, so that only in 2004 the shift to the productive work basis was made.

Overlooking the large amount of data, the implementation of the system components was performed in parallel, starting with the Financial-Accounting Management, Budget Management and Payroll Management, then moving on to the Management of Fixed Assets and Count Objects, Inventory and Procurement Management, Contracts Management, Investments Management so that in the final stage the Management Information System - SIVECO Business Analyzer - was implemented.

Advantages Of Using The Integrated Information System At The City Hall Of Bucharest Municipality

Implementing the integrated computer system SIVECO Applications at the City Hall of Bucharest has contributed to the following:

  • Set order and rhythm to activities, requested by the application integration
  • Increased coherence and accuracy of the received, processed and distributed data
  • Considering the ease in operating while using such a system, the workload required for bookkeeping and document drafting has been considerably reduced
  • Shortened time for regular closing for storehouses and bookkeeping
  • Monitor more efficiently, with the possibility to regularly check the delivery, invoicing and payment terms, for the contracts closed with the beneficiaries
  • Control the activities and base decisions at management level on analysis indices
  • Cost control, which has allowed reduction of the non-productive expenses and taking efficient measures in due time
  • Data security, access to the system information only for authorized users
  • Obtain synthetic and functional report
  • Flexible report mechanism


The co-operation between the City Hall of Bucharest and SIVECO Romania was and remains favorable for both institutions.

By implementing the SIVECO Applications integrated information system, the City Hall of Bucharest has reached one of its main organizational goals: improvement of the activities within the institution, which would contribute to higher quality services - an extremely important aspect, considering that they serve the common citizen.

The products supplied by SIVECO Romania efficiently manage the financial-accounting activity, the control of fixed assets and Count Objects, stock and supplies; the system also offers to the management, through the SIVECO Business Analyzer component, the possibility to evaluate and control the subordinate activities, as well as to formulate the best policies and strategies for an efficient management. Moreover, the training of system users on how to use the system and the technical assistance offered by the SIVECO team during the entire implementation period has prevented the occurrence of any problem related to the operating system, the more that it is a question of a very large amount of data.

For SIVECO Romania the implementation of the SIVECO Applications integrated computer system within an institution like the City Hall of Bucharest, means an important reference of the company in the field of public services. By supplying products based on the most recent technologies and by implementing them successfully, SIVECO Romania has proved once again that it is a company whose main principle is the supply of high quality products and services for the satisfaction of its clients.