CONGAZ was created in 01.02.1999, having as object of activity the implementation of natural gas system in the cities of Constanta county.

The company owns licenses for:

  • Provision of natural gas
  • Distribution of natural gas
  • Production of thermal power
  • Supply of thermal power

Project Stages

Immediately after signing the contract (09.11.2004), on 15.11.2004 the opening project meeting took place and all activities required to bring the implementation of the SIVECO Applications integrated computer system to a successful end were started up.

The project teams on the beneficiary as well as on the provider side were defined. From the CONGAZ side, the project team included persons responsible for various components of the Integrated Information System, database administrators and programmer engineers from the IT Department. The SIVECO Romania project team was made up of specialists from the implementation department, a person technically responsible and another one responsible for the quality control. The project manager created the project plan, which was analyzed and updated on the occasion of the monthly project meetings.

The project set off with the analysis of processes from all company departments involved in working with the system. The SIVECO team members together with the end-users analyzed, by activity field, the processes carried out within the institution, what information was necessary for the already existing computer system and what the output was. After collecting all data, the analysis document that described the processes of each department was drafted, dataflow diagrams were made and requirements for each process were identified.

There were established also the parametrization and customization requirements for SIVECO Applications system.

Together with the analysis phase, it started the activities for:

  • Installation, configuration and parametrization of SIVECO Applications components and database
  • Assistance for data import - study of the import specifications and data preparation
  • Data import from the existing databases. The import was done in two databases: the TEST database and the PRODUCTION database
  • The data from the TEST database was used in the next stage of system implementation - the end users training

Description Of The Integrated Information System Implemented at CONGAZ S.A. CONSTANTA

The SIVECO Applications computer system provides support for the entire company business process, process which was described by the requirements of the tender dossier.

Thus three major categories of functional aspects were defined:

  • Financial Management
  • Fixed Assets
  • Contracts Management
  • Utilities Billing
  • Investment Management
  • Budgets
  • Human Resources Management
  • Payroll
  • Inventory Management
  • Procurement Management
  • Enterprise Asset and Maintenance Management
  • Transportation Management


Implementing the integrated computer system SIVECO Applications at CONGAZ has contributed to the following:

  • Set order and rhythm to activities, requested by the application integration
  • Increased coherence and accuracy of the received processed and distributed data
  • Considering the ease in operating while using such a system, the workload required for bookkeeping and document drafting has been considerably reduced
  • Shortened time for regular closing for storehouses and bookkeeping
  • Monitor more efficiently, with the possibility to regularly check the gas consumption, invoicing and payment terms, for the contracts closed with the beneficiaries
  • Control the activities and decisions support at management level on analysis indices
  • Cost control, which has allowed reduction of the non-productive expenses and taking efficient measures in due time
  • Data security, access to the system information only for authorized users
  • Obtain synthetic and functional report
  • Gaining the trust of CONGAZ clients as regards the correctness of the issued invoices and the speed of collecting the value of services provided by CONGAZ
  • Flexible report mechanism.