DOBROGEA BISCUIT is part of DOBROGEA, a leader on the Romanian market in the field of bread manufacturing and milling, holding the most modern biscuits line in Romania.

"DOBROGEA provides the market and its consumers with over 300 products carried out with own recipes and modern technologies, from 5 fields of activity: milling, bread manufacturing – pastry, frozen products, breakfast cereals and biscuits", says Fotini Teodorescu, President of DOBROGEA GRUP.

In 2004, DOBROGEA GROUP has re-launched the biscuits production through a major investment in fully automated line for manufacturing all kinds of biscuits. At the same time, in the following, the company has continued investments for the development of the milling, bread manufacturing, frozen products and logistics, aiming at strengthening its position on the national and local market.

"Dobrogea is currently an equal partner for discussion at European level, a dynamic, flexible and modern company that will continue to develop based on the same principles it has always applied: professionalism, innovation and partnership" states Mrs. Fotini Teodorescu – President of DOBROGEA GRUP.

In this context, the company management wished a complete solution, adjusted to the European and international standards, that would blend the newest industry -specific technology approach with the ones in the field of information technology; the management was aware this is the only way in which it will succeed to obtain the flexibility and the swiftness necessary for successfully competing on the Romanian market, under continuous change.


The implementation has started with the integrated information system SIVECO Applications (solution of EAS type – Enterprise Application Suite) and has continued with the management information system - SIVECO Business Analyzer (a Business Intelligence tool). The approach of the BI solution has had several cycles, some of them overlapping with the EAS system, especially the analysis part for clear identification of requirements.

The main advantage of such an approach is given by the strong integration between the information system for the operational management and system for strategic management. Another major advantage is generated by the fact that SIVECO Romania, as solution developer, has done all the necessary customizations for implementing the customer’s business flow into the information system.


Through the modules implemented, the Information System covers the entire activity within DOBROGEA BISCUIT. The main modules within the integrated package SIVECO Applications have been implemented:

  • SIVECO Applications Management
  • Payroll Management
  • Inventory and Procurement Management
  • Management of Fixed Assets and of Inventory Objects
  • Maintenance Management
  • Contracts Management
  • Sales Management
  • Production Management
  • Cost Controlling Management
  • SIVECO Business Analyzer

Production represents the core of the entire activity of the company, for this very reason that is way there is a need to ensure a most efficient management of all phases of the production process. The Production Management component ensures the management of the preparation, planning, launch and tracking and control of the production specific activities specific. It is well interfaced with the other modules of the SIVECO Applications integrated package.


Following a series of customizations specific to the business flows of DOBROGEA BISCUIT, an information system was obtained having functionalities solving all the requirements expressed in the analysis phase.

Among these, there are:

  • Ensuring the traceability of batches of row materials and finished products
  • Issuing of specific reports, such as: The situation of deliveries from invoices, sales situation per geographical zones, delivered production by product sorts, deliveries by types of products etc
  • Ensuring the cost refinement on orders: production costs, direct costs, indirect costs etc

Careful attention has been granted by the DOBROGEA BISCUIT management to the SIVECO Business Analyzer component. The management has requested a very complex portfolio of indicators for performance measurement, a bulk of them being shareholders and top management specific:

  • Profitability rate
  • Return on investment rate (ROI)
  • Analysis of the valued added depending on the contribution of basic factors (Staff costs, depreciation related costs etc)
  • Influence of price discounts on the turnover
  • Updating indicators with the food industry inflation rate.

Other indicators are addressed to the operations management, f.i. tracing the production on several criteria, including the packaging mode.

"The final solution for DOBROGEA BISCUIT  is mixing the advantages of  a standard  EAS type of solution with those of an own solution („in-house” type)  and the  end result of a good collaboration between SIVECO and DOBROGEA BISCUIT” SIVECO-DOBROGEA.", Irina Socol, President and CEO SIVECO Romania.


The main benefits resulted from the implementation can be grouped into two major categories:

  • Increase of performance, by reducing costs and losses, as well as by increase of the labor productivity.  For this purpose, the information system allows the real time tracking of costs and obtained results. Data visibility is the one ensuring an efficient management at all decision levels.
  • Increasing the flexibility and the swiftness to adjust to changes occurred on the market  This is possible through the virtualization of material and human resources in the sense of sharing them both on organizational units and on projects (contract or order) and, in general, through the infrastructure made available by the information system firmly integrated with the business system.