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International Airport TRAIAN VUIA Timisoara


In the last years, the aviation industry has witnessed an unprecedented openness towards technology and the exploitation of advanced information systems.

Moving to the information society accelerated the use of modern IT tools and technologies for supporting activities in the airlines industry. A series of aerial transporters, both public or private, have recognized the introduction of IT to workflows as a measure for restructuring and increasing the efficiency of their activities. Therefore, the modernization of the commercial aviation infrastructure in Romania is based on IT management systems.

Through IT modernization and procurement of advanced IT systems, Romanian operators can make their flights profitable, can simplify their internal procedures and have a better control over the routes they are operating. All these advantages can decide the hierarchy of players in the aviation industry. Practically, based on the results generated by the latest generation IT systems, they have the possibility to consistently improve the decision making activity and thus being able to precisely anticipate the sensitive aspects of their own business.


Introducing IT to airports and to aerial operators in inscribed in the development strategy of this sector of activity and has as vital objective streamlining and optimizing the basic activities. Pressed by the fierce competition within the European area, Romanian transporters have moved to a higher level of development, marked by introducing IT to services, higher control of circulation safety and of security of aerial transports.

The aviation industry in Romania has aligned, recently, to European practices in the field, being already implemented, at national level, all standards for operations and navigation functional at European level.

One of the main local operators, International Airport "Traian Vuia" in Timisoara, has decided to grant introduction of IT to its airport services to SIVECO Romania specialists.


In order to meet the specific business requirements of his client, SIVECO Romania has developed, implemented and integrated the Airport Services Fees & Taxes  component with the other system components. The application covers specific business requirements for the good operation of airport activities.

The main functionalities of the implemented solution lie in the following:

  • carrying out and continuous updating the Airports reference directory
  • data collection regarding flights and airplanes served
  • taxation of services and products according to contracts
  • invoicing services and products
  • releasing specific reports


Currently, within the International Airport "Traian Vuia" in Timisoara the Airport Services Fees & Taxes solution standardizes and streamlines the entire taxation flow through:

  • monitoring, at any moment, of the status of the tax file (card)
  • optimization of the activity of monitoring and taxing of airport services
  • defining the rules and basic conventions specific to the manner in which the process of services' taxation is managed
  • reducing taxation errors
  • elimination of redundant data
  • obtaining the necessary information regarding the flights and airplanes serviced
  • reducing time for issuing invoices to operators
  • immediate reporting of the achievements in the Financial - Accounting system and in the Contracts Management application
  • improving the communication with aerial operators