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Kathrein Romania

About Kathrein Romania

Kathrein Romania was founded in 2000 and its main object of activity is production of mobile communication antennae, broadcast antenna, terrestrial reception antenna (for cable television) and commercial antenna for terrestrial reception.

Although at the beginning at the company’s activity, the commercial terrestrial reception had the largest quota, starting with 2004 production of mobile communication antennae has constantly grown, up to over 96% of the total production volume; this has lead also to doubling the area of the production space. This expansion has also imposed a new approach of the company’s internal processes, as well as implementation of an integrated information system which will provide support in administering the production processes and the current activities within the company.

Moreover, Kathrein Romania, currently the most important national producer and exporter of antenna, is to Kathrein-Werke KG, a German company currently having 6,700 employees in the 21 production units and 61 subsidiaries and affiliates worldwide.

Implemented components

Due to the Romanian company’s requirement of aligning to the international standards complied with by German group, and to the standards of its customers on foreign markets, the company has implemented the following components of the integrated system SIVECO Applications:

  • Production Management
  • Sales Management
  • Procurement Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Maintenance Management
  • Fixed Assets and Inventory Objects Management 
  • Financial- Accounting Management
  • Contracts Management
  • Human Resources Management 
  • Payroll Management

Introducing IT into the internal processes and usage of an integrated information system are the basis for extending the production activity of Kathrein Romania according to international standards.

Specific business requirements

  • Managing a very large volume of products and items, with complex product structures on an unlimited number of levels
  • Production planning and scheduling, with the aim of simulating the production environment where unpredictable situations appear frequently
  • Procurement according to the planned deadlines for the production orders, vital especially for critical materials having long delivery terms
  • Scheduling the production orders, taking into account the condition imposed by continuing the execution by the same shift until the order’s completion s
  • Separate monitoring of each shift for qualitative comparisons
  • Flexibility in changing the organizational structure, the shifts’ structure
  • Real time monitoring the carrying out of finished products and per serial number for each order and customer in part
  • Applying restrictions on selling the finished products carried out for a customer, to another customer.

Project phases

  • Project kick off
  • Analysis of the production processes within Kathrein Romania and drafting the analysis report
  • System implementation
  • Users’ training.

Advantages of using the integrated information system

  • automation of all production processes and flows, from raw materials procurement, up to the sale of the finished product
  • management of a large number of products and articles, and of complex product inventory for as many levels of production as required
  • strict production planning
  • real time monitoring of the production for each order
  • traceability of batches and products through serial numbers: reports for each product regarding the materials involved and the operations performed, as well as the record of performers and of the quality inspector for each operation and bath
  • real time information regarding the product structure and the technology used in the process of production
  • quick access to information and advanced possibilities for data retrieval
  • monitoring the procurement scheduling according to the delivery plan in the orders
  • possibility to use derogations for replacing materials that are not available with appropriate existing materials, that would not affect the product’s structure
  • customized reports according to the customer’s requirements and specific activities.

​Key results following the implementation

  • increasing the users’ efficiency by 30%
  • the production volume has grown by 37%, as a consequence of increasing the number of orders by 25%.  This growth has lead to increasing the number of employees to 950 persons, as compared to 650 at the beginning of implementation
  • average production: 25,000 antenna / month
  • turnover in 2011 has grown by 40% compared to 2010.

Components of SIVECO Applications system, implemented at Kathrein Romania

  1. Production Management
  2. Sales Management
  3. Procurement Management
  4. Inventory Management
  5. Maintenance Management
  6. Fixed Assets and Inventory Objects Management
  7. Financial – Accounting Management
  8. Contracts Management
  9. Human Resources Management
  10. Payroll Management


Through the implementation of the integrated information system SIVECO Applications, Kathrein Romania has reached one of its main organizational objectives: increasing the efficiency of activities within the company, resulting in increasing the quality of its products, a fact the more important the more most of its products are dedicated to export.

Implementation of the integrated information system’s components has significantly contributed to increasing the efficiency of the company’s complex activities through the efficient production management, of the financial-accounting activities, control over the fixed assets and inventory objects, over the inventory and procurement.

"Our mission is to provide antenna that will satisfy the more complex requirements of the operators in the telecom field, implying the continuous improvement of the processes and product offered. We have chosen to work with SIVECO Romania as the integrated package has a high degree of customization, has provided us with the necessary facilities at a competitive price and for it is developed in Romania. Through the implementation of the components of SIVECO Applications, we have achieved integration of all the management functions, from planning, insuring of raw materials and materials inventory, defining technologies, coordination of the production processes, up to carrying out the financial-accounting management and human resources management, with visible results in increasing efficiency of our activity", has declared Dan Nincu – Operations Manager, Kathrein Romania.

For SIVECO Romania, implementation of the components of the integrated information system SIVECO Applications at such a complex company as Kathrein, represents an important reference in the production sector.