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The Romanian Naval Authority increased the efficiency of its activities with the SIVECO Applications integrated information system


The collaboration between SIVECO Romania and the Romanian Naval Authority, important institution under the authority of the Ministry of Transports, originated from its need for a modern, flexible information system that would ensure optimal performance and increased control of its entire activity base.

The Romanian Naval Authority (ANR) is a specialized technical body functioning under the Ministry of Transports, through which the latter exercises its state authority function in the field of navigation. The Romanian Naval Authority is a public institution with extra-budgetary financing and legal personality.

Five zonal Harbour Master’s Offices are subordinated to the Naval Authority  –  Constanţa, Tulcea, Galaţi, Giurgiu and Drobeta Turnu Severin – to which harbour master’s offices and port offices within each specific jurisdiction area are subordinated, together with the European Affairs and International Relations Directorate (DAERI), headquartered in Bucharest.

The Romanian Naval Authority aimed to elaborate its calculation techniques, to connect to the intranet network and to implement IT systems for archiving and informing, to develop the institution’s information and communications system, to integrate in international projects regarding information exchange in the maritime field, to finalize the implementation of an integrated information system for managing ANR, to strengthen its financial discipline, a constant increase in incomes, consistent improvement in the quality of its client services, reducing bureaucracy and streamlining its activity.

Project implementation

To achieve its proposed development objectives, the Romanian Naval Authority implemented a series of IT solutions from the SIVECO Applications package, developed by SIVECO Romania, namely:

  • Contracts Management
  • Financial Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Budgets Management
  • Fixed Assets Management
  • Transportation Management
  • SIVECO Business Analyzer

SIVECO Romania’s products manage financial-accounting activities, fixed assets, inventory and acquisition control efficiently.

The specificity of the project consists of the asynchronous aggregation and consolidation of Financial Situations (done daily) through SBA, from 7 local databases stored on 7 interconnected servers.

User training and technical assistance from SIVECO Romania throughout the entire duration of the implementation prevented the appearance of any problems regarding system operation, a great achievement considering that the project involves a very large volume of data.

The project presents downward extension opportunities, for organizational subunits (Harbour Master’s and Port offices subordinated to zonal offices) through extending the number of licenses/users.

Advantages of using the integrated information system

The implementation of the SIVECO Applications integrated information system at ANR has contributed to:

  • introducing order and a steady pace in the activity, imposed by integrating all applications
  • increasing the coherence and accuracy of received, processed and sent data
  • decreasing the volume of work for accounting records and document generation
  • gaining the customers’ trust regarding the accuracy and correctness of issued invoices
  • ensuring coherence for procedures and methods of calculating salaries at zonal office level
  • obtaining correlated analytic and synthetic balances
  • supplying lists for ships, ship owners, legal bases and ports from each ANR subunit
  • cost control, leading to a reduction in nonproductive expenses and taking efficient measures timely
  • data security, with information within the system accessible only to authorized users
  • creating a flexible reporting mechanism
  • obtaining synthetic and operational reporting situations
  • unifying the account plan and the list of services performed at institutional level
  • unifying the calculation methods for allowances, exchange rates differences and Fixed Assets amortization at institutional level
  • activity control and offering a foundation for decision making at management level, based on analysis indicators


The collaboration between the Romanian Naval Authority and SIVECO Romania is beneficial for both companies. Through delivering products that use the latest technologies and implementing them successfully, SIVECO Romania proves it is a company grounded on the principle of providing products and services that increase the efficiency of its clients.

By implementing the SIVECO Applications integrated information system, the Romanian Naval Authority achieved its main organizational objective: increasing the effectiveness of its activities, which has contributed to increasing the quality of services to its beneficiaries.