Black Sea Terminal, SOCAR Georgia | SIVECO Romania

Black Sea Terminal, SOCAR Georgia

The ERP System was implemented at “Black Sea Terminal”, owned by SOCAR, one of the Top 10 oil companies in the world  

Black Sea Terminal is a maritime terminal and a harbor dedicated to oil industry, respectively to oil products transport, owned by SOCAR and built in Georgia, according to the highest international standards.

This development process has raised the company’s business processes to the next level, to become more efficient and specialized, to ensure both the requirements and expectations of its customers and the compliance with all national and international regulations and legal procedures, as assumed by management.

This project brought together people with different technical backgrounds, with extensive experience in Oil & Gas software implementation processes, in order to provide the most suitable approach in creating the project implementation plan and delivering the set outcomes.

"We are happy that, as the leader of the Eastern European software market and provider of IT solutions in 26 countries, we can replicate the company’s expertise for this valuable customer. We are providing a mature product, validated through hundreds of successful implementations, contributing significantly to increasing the activity efficiency and offering total control and a comprehensive image on the entire business, in compliance with the international legal regulations. SIVECO Applications perfectly fits each company’s individual requirements and includes innovative technologies recognized globally and appreciated as such by the numerous international and national awards received. SIVECO is present with many complex IT projects, at national level, in countries belonging to the former Community of Independent States", declared Iulian Manea, Regional Manager of SIVECO Romania.

The system was delivered in a ready-to-use product state. It is also easily configured and customized, by using:

  • built-in tools for defining parameters
  • a flexible, rule-based system to adjust system behavior.

SIVECO has implemented the following SIVECO Applications components for BLACK SEA TERMINAL:

  1. Maintenance Management
  2. Inventory Management
  3. Procurement Management
  4. Financial Management
  5. Fixed Assets and Inventory Objects Management.


  • By implementing SIVECO Applications 2020, BLACK SEA TERMINAL has gained:
  • Full coverage of all organizational areas;
  • Control and Monitoring of entire Maintenance activities;
  • Modeling all organizational business processes and specific document flows;
  • System’s adaptability to specific business requirements;
  • Increasing data consistency, coherence, relevance and accuracy;
  • Significant time reduction for data processing;
  • Decreased operations volume for manual data processing;
  • Optimized document flows;
  • Unique introduction of primary data;
  • Unique frame for data operation at organization level;
  • Minimal information redundancy;
  • Improved access to critical data through reports;
  • Optimized access to data from any place, at any time;
  • Zero level of unauthorized access to information;
  • Optimized applications that use export data, such as exporting reports to XLS format;
  • Traceability of changes;
  • Availability of historical data, whenever needed.

SIVECO Experience within Oil & Gas Companies

SIVECO has a successful and long track business record of his software systems in Oil & Gas industry. To name just a few and most relevant references in such exclusivist field of activity and highly specialized domain: National Oil Company OMV Petrom, UNICOM Holding - internationally well-known harbor operator dealing with oil products, CONGAZ S.A. - a leading private natural gas distributor in Romania or Weatherford International Eastern Europe – member of a group that is one of the largest global providers of products and services relating to oil and gas, etc.

SIVECO Applications ensures all phases covering the operational activities: planning, ordering and activities pacing, the intrinsic verification and cross-checking of each activity in correspondence with different specific integrated data flow levels it belongs to, coherence and correctness of the received, processed and sent data, increased documents’ processing speed by eliminating dead time intervals, increased control of internal financial level, ensuring data security high level protocols, increased access speed to information and advanced possibilities for data retrieving and archiving.

SIVECO’s software solution is modular and scalable, meaning that it can grow as the beneficiary’s requirements expand and technology evolves, allowing upgrades and reconfiguration by adding new modules, adding and redeploying new systems.