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Software and success

Software and success

A primary challenge for IT suppliers providing services to the public sector is adapting to organizational complexities

Multiple cost centers, a decentralized power structure, "organic processes" formed over decades, thousands to millions of customers and massive volumes of data, and traditional attitudes on how an agency should do things (as opposed to what it should do) all generate obstacles to migrating work into electronic formats.

For instance, school systems can include thousands of semi-autonomous units, each with their own semi-autonomous classrooms and teachers. Healthcare providers must negotiate with local, regional, and national entities with webs of interconnected processes. Agricultural dispersal and registration bodies are often run locally, but must coordinate with central and (in the case of Europe) international bodies.

Experienced IT providers succeed in managing the complexity and the difficulties of the public projects of introducing IT for increasing the economic interaction and productivity, to boost the general access into a world where interconnectivity became the core essence.

The "Software and Success" white paper recently carried out by International Data Corporation (IDC) aims at clarifying some basic aspects on introducing IT into public organizations and analyzes, as an example, three different eGovernment solutions implemented by SIVECO.

Read here how SIVECO succeeded to meet the exigencies of such complex projects and provide sustainable solutions.