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With the purpose of increasing the efficiency of its administrative and production activities, VARD Tulcea decided to implement an IT solution that would ensure the support necessary for a uniform management of both the unstructured documents, as well as of the documentation specific to its activities.

An important factor is the need for reducing the volume of hardcopy documents that need approval, as well as highlighting the bottlenecks in current activities, in order to improve the current working procedures.

The manner in which an information system for documents and workflows management can contribute to increasing the efficiency of workflows is reflected in the first place by the process of transforming the documents from hard copies to electronic versions and by the level of their protection.

The solution implemented at VARD Tulcea

The documents management represents a complex operation, implying the gathering of documents, as well as the management of a set of information related to their content and having relevance for the organization. Certain specific actions need to be performed upon documents, as well as ensuring the access control of information.

"SIVADOC product is developed by SIVECO Romania and is based on a concept according to which the information, registered and stored under any form, can be retrieved and reused, leading to real time use of information as support in the decision making process. SIVADOC was designed from the very beginning so as to meet the requirements of providing the electronic registration, storing, retrieving and using of the information within the company. This way, the beneficiary organization becomes more efficient, gaining thus an important competitive advantage", states Ionut Arsene, Project Manager SIVADOC within SIVECO Romania for the implementation project at VARD Tulcea.

The main facilities brought by the SIVADOC solution to its beneficiaries are related to:

  • accelerating the organizational processes and increasing efficiency through the structuring and standardization of activities and documents flows
  • gaining competitive advantages by reducing the response time to the customers' and partners' requests
  • centralized management of documents generating the capacity of continuous monitoring of their status
  • supplying a management instrument for monitoring the activities and performances etc.

Project’s development

Implementation of a system for the documents and workflows management in a company implies detailed understanding of the scope of the activity covered and of the modality for its development, as well as the manner in which its organizational structures interact.

For these very reasons, the excellent collaboration between the teams of SIVECO Romania and VARD Tulcea, respectively, both from the technical and administrative point of view, has been very important and beneficial to the project’ development in good conditions.

An aspect of major importance was represented by the continuous involvement of the AQ department staff at VARD Tulcea in organizing and monitoring the implementation.

At the project’s launch, were set the projects teams both on behalf of the beneficiary and on behalf of supplier. The project team of SIVECO Romania was formed of specialists from the SIVADOC implementation and development department, the project manager and quality assurance responsible as well.

On behalf of VARD Tulcea, the project team includes the members of the QA and the IT Department responsible.

Stages of the project development:

  • analysis of the documents used and the organizational processes
  • installation and configuring of the SIVADOC system on the VARD Tulcea premises
  • training in view of using the system for the documents and workflows management system SIVADOC for 50 users
  • technical assistance for use.


The Information System for Documents and Workflows Management - SIVADOC - represents the information based system allowing the control, organization, access and publishing of the company's documents and vital information in a rapid, easy and accurate manner.

This system allows getting actual, complete and integrated information from the current activity of the departments within VARD Tulcea.

Implementing the documents and workflow management system SIVADOC within VARD Tulcea has brought the following benefits:

  • reducing the necessary time for documents retrieval, from tens of minutes or even hours down to a few seconds, in some cases
  • centralized management, template-based standardization, recording, searching and retrieving the documents specific to the Design stage: Designing Documents (PE/PT), Design topics
  • centralized management, recording and monitoring per workflows of the documents specific to the stage of Manufacturing preparation: Procurement Specifications, Specific Technological Specifications
  • centralized management, registration per Orders and monitoring per workflows of the documents specific to the stage of Manufacturing Monitoring: CTC Inspections, Inspections Customers - Class, Modification files
  • centralized management and registration of documents in Metrology: Internal scheduling notes
  • centralized management of the specific forms and procedures regarding the Quality Management System implemented within VARD Tulcea
  • facilitating the approval and monitoring of the Procurement documents through the management of Procurement memo per electronic flow for referring and approval; based on a search report, the responsible persons can follow up the status of Procurements performed within VARD Tulcea
  • improving employees' collaboration through providing tools for data sharing, by structured and centralized data management
  • disseminating general interest documents within the company (decisions, notes, general interest protocols) through the general communication flow
  • improving security through documents access control, based on access rights set on several levels - depending on the organizational role of each user
  • imposing the compliance by all employees with the procedures for documents' processing