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Clients are our priority

SIVECO Romania seeks by its actions an active participation in consolidating a stable, ethical and professional business environment, globally competitive. The company's investments have focused, primarly, towards research and development activities and also to increasing and strengthening its team of professionals. This helps us improve the quality of our products and services and offer our customers more performance.

Currently, SIVECO Romania solutions are used by over 1,700 beneficiaries in countries on 4 continents, important public institutions, as well as important private companies.


This is what our beneficiaries state...

BRD Group Societe Generale - Traian Fosa, Project Manager, Project Organization Department

"SIVADOC system makes available for the user a series of reports providing information of the warehouse status, the space engaged, the list of minutes, as well as other information on the warehouse or operations that have been performed on it. This system brings an increased efficiency by automation of the processes of archive's management. The competitive advantage created by the implementation of this system is highlighted through the reduction of the time and effort of the bank staff. We have to notice the easy to use interface and the reports helping the users and the administrators of this application."

Credit Bureau - Şerban Epure, General Director

"The collaboration with SIVECO Romania of more than 8 years means over 45 million credit reports generated, transparent access to safe information, efficient support for the financial institutions, but also for the credit beneficiaries. SIVABON solution has contributed to building a financial relation with low risk for each participant-financial-banking institution and indirectly, for the entire Romanian financial system." 

DOBROGEA GROUP - Ioana Fotini Teodorescu, President

"We chose SIVECO Romania because we consider it to be the best IT solutions provider, being a leader onthe Romanian market. Even from the beginning, we requested the employees of DOBROGEA BISCUIT to apply the standard proposed by the implementation of SIVECO Romania solution and we were not wrong. The results achieved confirm the benefits of this approach."

Teleorman County School Inspectorate - Angela Anghel, Chief-Accountant

"The activities for implementing SIVECO Applications IT integrated system - Financial-Accounting, Fixed Assets and Working inventory, Stocks, Salary, ALOP components - were of good quality, being aligned with the requirements of our company."

Electrocentrale Brăila Branch, SC Termoelectrica SA - Viorel Cotiga, Director

"The implementation of SIVECO Applications system is fully functional. The collaboration with SIVECO Romania project team was based on high quality standards, professionalism and efficiency. The system implemented proved to be stable, safe, meeting our organization requirements."

Ursus Breweries - Bogdan Horchidan, IT Director

"SIVECO Romania is a trustworthy partner, having high quality standards and well trained and responsible staff, able to conclude a project in the best conditions."

Bucharest City Hall - Aurel Vlaicu, General Director

"The collaboration between Bucharest City Hall and SIVECO Romania aimed at carrying out an Integrated Information System that will uniquely manage all the categories of data and information existing in our organization, able to meet the requirements defined by any of the departments and to ensure correct, complete and timely information of the decision makers. The solution developed by SIVECO Romania regarding the documents and workflows management has been implemented for 300 users and is parameterized according to the specifications prepared during the analysis of our organization's activity, and truly reflects the manner of organization and work of the Bucharest City Hall."

Computer Science Highschool "Grigore Moisil" Iaşi - Emanuela Cerchez, Teacher

"SIVECO Romania has a clearly defined profile for any teacher in România. In the last years, the education system has significantly changed - the IT-based Education System - and subsequently, any teacher associates the change mechanisms with SIVECO Romania. Any teacher who is passioned by performance knows that the engine generating performance is competition. And SIVECO Romania is a permanent presence in the Romanian competition landscape, supporting each year various national and international events, meant to stimulate the students' creativity and competitive spirit. As a conclusion, SIVECO Romania represent a model for involvement in education field, for performance and professionalism."

Ministry of Education in the Republic of Moldova - Leonid Bujor, Minister of Education

"The Ministry of Education in the Republic of Moldova, the Agency for Evaluation and Examination has chosen SIVECO Romania as partner in running the project "Delivery of a system for automatic data processing for the Agency for Evaluation and Examination", having as objective the creation of an application to allow the specific management of the baccalaureate and gymnasium exams. The integral implementation of the Automatic Processing System in the exam session 2010 has ensured the good deployment of the baccalaureate exams and has proven its efficiency."

HOLCIM Romania - Nicoleta Salajan, Human Resources Director

"Holcim Romania has chosen SIVECO Romania as partner in for implementing the internal eLearning project intern, namely eHolcim. The projected consisted in implementing the AeL Enterprise platform in order to provide the support needed for the development of the lifelong training process and evaluation of Holcim Romania employees. During this process, the trained staff highly appreciated the professionalism of trainers and of the usage guides provided for the end users. Holcim Romania values the products and services offered by SIVECO Romania and considers them of being of a very good quality and of a high professionalism."