Bucharest, 17th November 2008, “We are 18 years. We elect uninominal!” | SIVECO Romania

Bucharest, 17th November 2008, “We are 18 years. We elect uninominal!”

Monday, November 17, 2008

Pro Democracy Association comes of age

18 years of actions to strengthen democracy

Recently, was held at the Romanian Peasant Museum the event of celebration of 18 years since the establishment of Pro Democracy Association. According to organizers, the location was chosen as a sign of recognition of the influence of rural development for democracy.

SIVECO Romania was the sponsor of this important event, attended by representatives of NGOs, the diplomatic and political environment.

Anca Crahmaliuc, Marketing & Communication Manager at SIVECO Romania, said: "Pro Democracy Association is an important name in promoting the values of democracy and we are confident that will continue to fight for this scope with the same dedication, tenacity and intelligence as before."

SIVECO Romania partnership with Pro Democracy Association, started in 2006, is based on projects of civic education.

Pro Democracy Association is a non-governmental, non-profit and non-party affiliated organization established in 1990. APD currently has 30 clubs in which more that 1200 citizens (members and volunteers) participate in implementing our projects.

In 1992, APD has monitored elections for the first time, and in 1995 opened for the first time in  Romania, the discussion about uninominal vote. In four years, APD has raised over 470,000 signatures for electoral reform with the help of 500 volunteers. Campaign advocacy organization and the process of mediation discussions between political parties and ngo’s resulted in the successful conclusion: the introduction of uninominal vote.