Bucharest, 8th June 2012, SIVECO Romania celebrates 20 years of performance in Romanian IT | SIVECO Romania

Bucharest, 8th June 2012, SIVECO Romania celebrates 20 years of performance in Romanian IT

Friday, June 8, 2012

The first 20 years

Friday, 8th June 2012, Snagov Conference Centre hosted a very special event.

SIVECO Romania celebrated 20 years of great projects, a wonderful opportunity to meet with our company’s friends, who we have been together with us during these two decades. We welcomed cherished guests, from the country and abroad and we had the privilege to watch remarkable artists - Alessandro Safina, Iana, Pavel Bartoş, Răzvan Mazilu, Voltaj, as well as to enjoy a sunny weather that mirrored the feelings of all participants to the event.

And because such an occasion only happens every 20 years, we invite you to look back at some of the most beautiful moments of the “SIVECO 20 big years” gala.

20 years of progress

It is a very special day, because we are celebrating it with you: clients, partners, collaborators – in a word, our friends, 20 BIG years, full of successful projects, summing up thousands of hours of work. It is a day we are glad we are able to say that perseverance and courage are rewarded. Throughout these 20 years we have focused consistently on the initiation and running of projects of a breadth and complexity that intimidated many. We have taken on the task of achieving difficult things without looking back too often. Today, with 20 years of experience behind us, we can say that our enterprise is a synonym for progress. SIVECO Romania has become not only the largest Romanian software house, but also an internationally respected brand, a leader in the IT field,” stated before more than 1.500 guests, Irina Socol, President and CEO SIVECO Romania.

Laurels for SIVECO Romania

SIVECO Romania is recognized not only the leader of Romanian software houses, but also as an international brand, synonymous with success for Romanian entrepreneurship.
This is why it has become natural for SIVECO Romania to be present on international podiums, counting more than 150 awards in its record.
The anniversary moment was an opportunity for many of our clients and partners to express their appreciation for the fruitful collaboration with the SIVECO Romania team, through awarding diplomas trophies and honorary titles. 

  • From the National Institute of Research and Development in Mechatronics and Measurement Technique: Diploma of Excellence for Irina Socol, for an exceptional contribution to the progress of communities and nations
  • From the POLITEHNICA University of Bucharest: Diploma of Excellence on the occasion of the 20 years anniversary
  • From the Titu Maiorescu University Academic Community: Diploma of Excellence for professionalism, creativity and cooperation spirit
  • From the Bucharest Chamber of Commerce and Industry: Honorary Membership Certificate for Irina Socol
  • From the Bucharest Chamber of Commerce and Industry: Brevet and Gold Badge for Irina Socol
  • From ICI (the National Institute for Research & Development in Informatics): Diploma of Excellence on the occasion of the 20 years anniversary
  • From POLITEHNICA University of Bucharest: Trophy on the occasion of the 20 years anniversary.

In turn, the SIVECO team thanks its guests for their outstanding involvement in promoting Romanian software and developing the information society.

Words of those who appreciate us

The beautiful words of our guests made us proud of being part of an extraordinary success story.
Doina Banciu, general director of the National Institute for Research & Development in Informatics: “This anniversary is a great joy for the IT community in Romania. We wish for SIVECO to continue prospering, in order to benefit us all.”

Academic Florin Filip, the Romanian Academy: “20 years is very little in a human’s life, but means a lot in a company’s life. I wish for the SIVECO team not to stop here.”

Nicolae Badea, president, Computerland: “I am glad to attend the anniversary of a company that is the main actor in the IT field. SIVECO’s potential is continuously growing.”

Iosif Urs, president of the Titu Maiorescu University Administration Council: “On behalf of the Titu Maiorescu university community I congratulate you for your professionalism.”

Mihai Ionescu, president of the National Association of Romanian Exporters and Importers: “I salute this anniversary, the 1.300 employees and Irina Socol, who, years ago, was an intern at the National Institute for Research & Development in Informatics and is now leader of the first Romanian software company. It can be done! Romania is now also recognized through the SIVECO brand.”

Ion Iliescu, former president of Romania (message): “I would like to note SIVECO’s contribution to shaping people in the IT industry. The company was and still is a school for those who worked here and for those who currently work here. In this celebratory moment, I wish every SIVECO employee and those who had the initiative of creating the company, good health, power to continue their work and success. Happy birthday!”

Daniel Funeriu, presidential councilor, former Minister of Education: “I am glad SIVECO turns 20. In a company’s life, 20 years means a lot. SIVECO not only withstood 20 years on the market, which is a long time, but also developed every year, currently being one of the strongest IT companies in Romania. Farewell until the 120 years anniversary!”

Mihnea Costoiu, rector of the POLITEHNICA University of Bucharest and former secretary of state at the Ministry of Education: “This anniversary moment is a very beautiful one. We are glad that there is a Romanian presence that has become international and that has imposed itself in spaces that were once forbidden for the Romanian industry.”

Sorin Mandrutescu, general manager Oracle Romania: “Irina Socol and SIVECO are the standard for Romanian entrepreneurship. At the age of 20, we wonder how the next 20 years will be for SIVECO and I am convinced they will be just as successful, that SIVECO projects will be a benchmark for the IT industry. The SIVECO team brought into the industry elements of the soft type: dedication, imagination, and, if there is anything I have always envied, it is that type of special relationship SIVECO has with its clients – ‘We’ll die if we have to, but the project must work – and it always has. This is something I want for my company’s organizational culture, but also as a standard in the entire IT industry. SIVECO is Oracle’s most important partner.” 

Radu Enache, general manager Hewlett Packard Romania: “SIVECO is Hewlett Packard Romania’s largest partner. All our great projects are linked with the collaboration with SIVECO. This is not about 1.300 competent, dynamic, serious people, about innovative software, about the extraordinary management ensured by Irina Socol, but about a company recognized internationally, whose development every one of us should support. The largest IT company in Romania is SIVECO.”

Sorin Dimitriu, president of the Bucharest Chamber of Commerce and Industry: “We, the Chamber of Commerce, particularly value our collaboration with SIVECO. Passion, but also a deep knowledge of the IT field turned SIVECO into one of the best players in IT. SIVECO Romania has consistently developed in its 20 years of activity, proving that a courageous vision, belief in success, total involvement in projects and loyalty to clients are the most important ingredients for success.”

Varujan Pambuccian, deputy in the Parliament of Romania: “The most important thing about SIVECO is that it has managed to remain an entrepreneurial firm, and not a corporation. SIVECO can offer opportunities in a country on a continent that is going crazy.”

An exceptional feast with exceptional artists

8th June 2011, Snagov, Romania – a splendid, sunny summer day. A scene where many beautiful moments took place, presented by Pavel Bartos, an inspired entertainer, full of humour of the best quality. The special guest, who gave our event a well-deserved shine, was Alessandro Saffina, famous Italian tenor and one of the most renowned and loved artists in the world, appreciated for the sensibility he transposes in his songs and for his remarkable musical career.

The great Safina performed alongside Iana, Romanian soprano with a successful international career, accompanied by Bucharest Metropolitan Orchestra.

The event also benefited from the presence of a total artist - Razvan Mazilu, who, together with his troupe presented explosive fragments from the Urban Kiss show.

And naturally, an event celebrating 20 big years would not be complete without Voltaj, with which we all sang along.

For those wanting a view from above, trips with a hot air balloon provided a great experience. The caricaturists’ workshops were assaulted by guests looking for a personalized souvenir from this special event and boat trips on the Snagov Lake completed a perfect day in the life of the SIVECO team and company.

SIVECO Romania, live

For 20 years, SIVECO’s name has been a constant presence in newspapers and on television channels. As expected, this anniversary also captured the attention of the main media channels.

The following offered interviews for Realitatea, Money Channel, PRO TV, TVR, Forbes Magazine and Ziarul Financiar: Irina Socol, President and CEO, Doina Binig – Vicepresident Strategy and Chief Operating Officer, Florin Ciolacu – Deputy Vicepresident International Accounts and Partners, Dragos Dobran – eHealth Department Director, Iulian Manea – Regional Director for Central Europe, Marian Murgulet – Regional Director for Turkey and the Persian Gulf.

Other journalists from the economic, social and IT print and online press also attended.

Where will we be in another 20 years?

There is a lot to be said about the 20 years that have passed since the company was founded.

We tried to compile 7000 days of work and thousands of hours per person in a 100 page long book, 20 years of life in 5 minutes of movie.

The special atmosphere of our event can also be seen in the numerous pictures that can be seen here.

We have properly celebrated our first 20 years, so are now ready to get back to work, building plans for the next 20 years.

What are our thoughts for 2032? Irina Socol answers:  “We will build great projects with our partners, together with whom we feel capable of reaching the most ambitious targets. We will open new possibilities of affirmation for Romanian specialists, both at home and in countries that still know very few things about Romania. We can already see, in our minds, our anniversary for the next 20 years. We will definitely be just as enthusiastic, making plans we are not even dreaming of yet.