Bucharest, 13th of June, 2013, eHealth 2013 Conference | SIVECO Romania

Bucharest, 13th of June, 2013, eHealth 2013 Conference

Thursday, June 13, 2013
At the “eHealth 2013” conference, SIVECO Romania has presented the results and advantages of implementing a health integrated IT system

eHealth solutions are essential to a growth in transparency, efficiency and the quality of medical services

Decision makers and professionals from the medical sector have discussed during the eHealth 2013 conference about the solutions to improve the national health system implemented or about to be implemented, according to the national strategy of bringing IT into the health system.

During this event, SIVECO has presented the results following the implementation and use at a national level of computer systems within the Integrated Health Insurance Platform: Unique Integrated Information System (UIIS) and Electronic Prescription (EP).

"The Unique Integrated Information System (SIUI) is operating since 2008 and represents the foundation for the other components of the Health Insurance IT Platform - electronic prescription, national health card and the electronic file. All these applications will connect to the platform in order to increase the efficiency of the health sector for the benefit of over 19 million insurance holders", said Traian Ionescu, Advisor of the General Director SIVECO Romania.

SIUI practically ensures the IT based financial management for the healthcare system, monitoring and controlling the compliance with rules during its operation and the administration of funds. SIUI has the most complete and comprehensive database, continuously updated with the necessary information required for specific approval requests, the insured healthcare providers, employers, medical nomenclatures and other catalogs or health records. Over 50 million documents are managed through this system corresponding to more than 16 million medical and pharmaceutical services rendered.

The use of electronic prescriptions since July 2012 leads to an improved control of the National Health Insurance Institution with regards to the costs of medicine subsidized by the National Fund, to provide integrated information for analysis and evaluation of the health condition of the population and also to reduce the time spent by patients in pharmacies. At this point, virtually all medical prescriptions are electronically generated, 180,000 prescriptions being generated on a daily basis at a national level. More than 95% of GP’s and over 94% of pharmacies use the electronic prescription whereas the total number of prescriptions generated thus far exceeds 28.5 million.

The implemented information systems help the National Health Insurance Institution to fulfill the role of a good administrator for the National Fund of Social Health Insurers to guarantee transparency and prevent errors and fraud.

The eHealth Conference is an event held annually in partnership with the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Communications and Information Society, which aims to present IT&C solutions and solid financing for the health system in Romania and to lead to a greater awareness of problems and possible solutions in the system.