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How do we use top technology in the classroom

Monday, March 3, 2014

Happiness, hope, anger – which discipline is studying emotions? Specialists from SIVECO showed during one hour of "playing” on the multi-touch table, how the students go through at least three classes and reveal the internal mechanism of emotions

Solving a test of what emotions can be read on the faces of some art and human history personalities leads students "playing" with multi-touch technology through anatomy, history, psychology and art lessons. In the Science Cafe radio show broadcast by Radio Romania Cultural, a show also filmed and broadcast live on online environment, the teaching content "Expressing Emotions" by SIVECO eLearning team was demonstrated on the multi-touch technology table. Other guests, inventors-students from "Grigore Moisil" National College came equipped with their own robots developed and customized with bows, cute names and motion sensors.

The show, broadcast in an unconventional environment - Humanitas bookstore from Cismigiu Park - managed to capture the attention of visitors, whom watched two hours of discussion between Radu Jugureanu, director of AEL eContent department from SIVECO Romania, Marius Prodana, Deputy Director of Research, eContent SIVECO department, Nicolai Sandu, Senior Consultant for IT&C education, Ph.D. Mihaela Garabet from "Grigore Moisil" National College and the show’s host, journalist Corina Negrea.

On the topic about the present and future of education in Romanian schools took part also the students whom want to learn cybernetics and robotics in Romania and to build successful careers in the industry they love.

"The partnership, the long-term contract between industry and school is essential. What we target - and every educator should do the same - is to prepare people to work with dedication in jobs that do not exist today, with technologies that have not yet been invented, to solve problems we do not have today. The new paradigm of learning should be student-centered, not teacher-centered", said Prof. Radu Jugureanu.

A former math teacher, today the coordinator of AEL eContent department from SIVECO Romania, Radu Jugureanu believes that a successful strategy in education is a long-term strategy that incorporates technology from our everyday life in the classroom.

SIVECO develops interactive educational content for school disciplines in all areas of knowledge, being one of the leading global providers of integrated solutions for eLearning. Today, 19 million students from 19 countries on 3 continents benefit from eContent developed by SIVECO for dozens of classes, by a digital library of 45,000 Reusable Learning Objects, and successful projects duplicated nationwide in countries from Europe, Middle East and North Africa.

The "Educational process optimized for knowledge society competencies vision" project, which includes multi-touch technology, is an undisputed star, being a „subscriber" at prestigious national and international awards. The project was implemented by the Ministry of National Education, through Management Unit of Externally Financed Projects in partnership with SIVECO Romania and National Defense University "Carol I".