Evolution | SIVECO Romania


SIVECO Romania, a company that contributes effectively to the Romanian IT history through determination, character, loialty, pioneer spirit and intelligence.

During its 23 years of activity, SIVECO Romania has developed constantly, proving that a courageous vision, total involvement in all projects and dedication to customers are the most important ingredients of success. 

Here's a brief overview of the most important stages in the evolution of the company:


  • SIVECO Romania SRL is established. 


  • The company begins to develop its own information system called Integrated SIVECO Applications, one of the most valuable ERP applications (Enterprise Resource Planning), perfectly adapted to the Romanian market. 


  • The organization starts the implementation of the quality system, according to the ISO 9001:1994 standard. 


  • SIVECO Romania was transformed from a Limited Liability Company into a Joint Stock Company. 


  • Participation in consortium in the first large scale project, the largest developed in Romania so far - Introducing IT to the Maritime Ports Administration Constanta. 


  • SIVECO Romania receives the certification of quality system ISO 9001: 1994 by AFAQ - INTERNATIONAL ASCERT and by OMCAS (The Military Certification, Accreditation and Monitoring Body of the Ministry of Defense). 


  • The AeL eLearning solution is launched (the computer-assisted learning designed for the pre-university system). 


  • SIVABON (a product to verify the clients solvency) and SIVADOC (system for documents and workflows management) are launched.
  • The project of the IT-based Education System kicks off (SEI). 


  • The quality management system of SIVECO Romania is certified by AFAQ-ASCERT in accordance with ISO 9001:2000 standard. 


  • The AeL eTraining solution (computer-aided learning for organizations) and SIVECO Applications 2007 (international version of the system) are launched.
  • The project of the Unique Integrated Information System for the National Health Insurance House kicks off. 


  • Signing partnerships for international distribution and consolidating strategic partnerships.
  • The portfolio of Romanian clients expands and reaches over 300 large organizations. 


  • Intel Capital and Polish Enterprise Fund V (investment fund managed by Enterprise Investors) become shareholders of SIVECO Romania, achieving the most significant investment in a Romanian software company to date. 


  • The project of introducing IT to APIA (The Payment and Intervention Agency for Agriculture) kicks off.
  • SIVECO Romania participates in the implementation of the integrated information system for the National Health Insurance Fund in Bulgaria. 


  • The company runs many major international projects: the ADLIC type IT based distribution project in high schools from Lebanon; eLearning pilot project in Republic of Moldova; a portal that facilitates communication within the national education system in the United Arab Emirates. 


  • SIVECO Romania acquires Latona Bulgaria (the first Romanian company to purchase a foreign software company).
  • SIVECO Balanced Scorecard and iTAX Collect applications are launched.
  • The project for introducing IT to the education system in rural areas kicks off. 


  • SIVECO Romania launches the new version of the integrated package SIVECO Applications 2011.
  • SIVECO Romania launches Agricultural Register, an integrated module for unit records of households within a city, land, farm inputs and livestock.
  • eCustoms solution is implemented for National Custom Authority of Turkey. 
  • Our company is re-certified by AFAQ AFNOR for ISO 9001:2008 standard.
  • The first public Social Responsibility Report of SIVECO Romania is awarded with the Ruban d'Honneur, for the category Award for Corporate Sustainability, the European Business Award (Rome). 


  • Starting with 2010 SIVECO Romania becomes the main supplier of IT solutions for the Ministry of Education in the Kingdom of Morocco, within a strategic program at national level for introducing IT into the education system.
  • Launching SIUI 2 for CNAS.
  • The eAgriculture solution developed and implemented by SIVECO Romania at the Payments and Interventions Agency for Agriculture (APIA) won the big prize in the Vertical Market category.
  • SIVECO Romania has successfully concluded implementation of the SIVABON system at the Credit Bureau in Republic of Moldova, certified by the receipt of the functional acceptance letter from the beneficiary.
  • eLearning platform and digital content for Cyprus school.
  • Pilot project - digital content - for 20 schools in Moldova.
  • Starting new structural funds projects. 


  • New contracts with European Union's institutions: The Publications Office of the European Union and the Executive Agency for Health and Consumers.
  • Launch of the eCustoms NCTS solution at the customs in Macedonia.
  • SIVADOC solution is implemented in Chisinau City Hall.
  • Completion of the educational pilot project in Oman.
  • ADLIC, the application for computerized distribution in high-school, is migrated to the cloud computing platform Microsoft Windows Azure.
  • The R&D project RENOVA is launched, which supports developing the professional skills of medical personnel.
  • Launching the Multi-touch discipline in high schools.
  • First edition of the international conference eduVision2020.
  • Publishing the  computerized examination results for admission in high schools using, in premiere, the  cloud computing technology.
  • The Quality Management System is ISO 9001:2008 recertified.
  • The third edition of the Corporate Social Responsibility Report is launched. 


  • A new office in the commercial center of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai, is opened. Software Innovative Vision focuses on subcontracting and integrating projects in Gulf countries.
  • A strategic partnership is signed with the Political Studies School NUR Otan in Kazakhstan.
  • SIVECO Romania is awarded with the Platinum Medal within the European Seal of e-Excellence 2012, for its innovative IT products and services and execllence in marketing practices.
  • The company is also a Winner in the European Software Excellence Awards, with the projects "Supporting the special educational system through dedicated educational portal", implemented for the Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sports in Romania. Within the same competition, 3 of our projects are finalists:  New Computerized Transit System (NCTS) implemented for the Turkey Customs Administration, SIVECO Applications implemented for Kathrein Romania and eSchool portal, implemented for the Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sports in Romania.
  • The fourth edition of the Corporate Social Responsibility Report is launched. 


  • SIVECO Romania becomes "Winner" at the European IT & Software Excellence Awards 2013 for 3 projects:
    • Implementation of the processing system for Rural Development Applications at the Payment Agency for Rural Development and Fishery, Solution Provider/Government Solution of the Year category
    • Implementation of a financial reporting system for the banking sector in Republic of Moldova, developed for the National Bank, Solution provider / Vertical Solution of the Year category
    • Implementation of the ERP System SIVECO Applications 2020 at ACET Suceava, ISV - ERP/Supply Chain Management Solution category.
  • The solution dedicated to managers, SIVECO Business Analyzer, is a true dashboard wherefrom they can access multi-criteria analyses reflecting the company’s performance. From now on, the company dashboard can be accessed also from mobile devices (for example iPad, iPhone).
  • SIVECO Romania was designated one of Europe’s 20 Fastest Growing and Most Innovative e-Learning Companies within EdTech 20 competition, organized by Edxus Group, London.
  • The ERP System SIVECO Applications 2020 was implemented at Black Sea Terminal (Georgia), owned by SOCAR, one of the largest oil companies in the world.
  • SIVECO Romania signed two contracts with the Ministry of Education in Malta in order to provide interactive digital content adjusted to the requirements of the Maltese Primary and Secondary School Curriculum.
  • Within the competition dedicated to the best projects worldwide, organized by the International Project Management Association (IPMA), within the Medium-Sized Project category, two eLearning projects were awarded with:
  • Gold Medal for “Educational process optimized from the perspective of knowledge society competences” , implemented by the Ministry of Education through Management Unit of Externally Financed Projects, in partnership with SIVECO and the National Defense University "Carol I".
  • Bronze Medal for "Development of interactive multimedia educational content for the educational system in Kazakhstan".
  • The first digital manuals elaborated by specialists in psycho-pedagogy and education experts were finished. The manuals have been developed based on the national curricula for each subject matter in part. Upon carrying out the interactivity elements, both the characteristics specific to tablets as mobile technology, but also the most recent worldwide research on scholar psycho-pedagogy have been taken into consideration.
  • For the project "Special schools Portal - CES - Interactive multimedia educational content for children with special educational needs", SIVECO receives the highest award ever granted to an IT project at worldwide level: World Summit Award Winner 2013.
  • The company opens its 5th international office, at Ankara, Turkey, and the 3rd in Asia.
  • SIVECO Romania management redeems the full package of shares from Enterprise Investors and Intel Capital. The new shareholders are:
    • SIVECO Netherlands: 63,71%
    • SIVECO Romania Management: 36,29%.


  • SIVECO Romania starts the collaboration with Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools, Kazakhstan for the development of digital educational content.
  • SIVECO launches new products.
  • Launching of the math digital manual.


  • Launching of Farms Management Solution
  • Launching of Health Insurance Card
  • According to the latest market analysis published by International Data Corporation (IDC) for 2014, SIVECO ranks second place in IT Services Market ranking, with a market share of 6%.


  • TUV Austria has granted the company the Quality Management System Certificate, obtained after the completion of the recertification and transition audit at the new edition of ISO 9001:2015
  • ECOSUNT, the first integrated Romanian software for waste management companies, was launched


  • In December, SIVECO went through a split. This process led to the creation of a new company: Software Imagination & Vision, which took over some of the SIVECO projects and solutions.
  • SIVECO Romania now develops and implements high value-added projects in the fields of eAgriculture and Cybersecurity and continues to provide IT services directly to bodies of the European Commission.