Management | SIVECO Romania


Florin Ilia, President & CEO

What we offer in each project is more that IT.

We definitely deliver applied intelligence and the ability to solve relevant problems for our integrated solutions' beneficiaries. We are specialized in delivering services based on innovation and commitment. Because we care what happens to our clients even after we signed the project's acceptance.

Doina Binig, Vice President Strategy

We work in one of the most competitive sectors of the Romanian economy and our project have a major social impact, beyond their complexity and difficulty.

We proved in the last 22 years that no matter how hard, it is in our power to change things to the better. We care about how tomorrow will look like and we are proud to participate to modernizing the Romanian society and to promoting the Romanian IT abroad.

Alexandru Rădăşanu, Vice President Research & Development

Our effort to permanently innovate is translated into more competitiveness for our clients. In order to grow their chances to progress.

Daniela Bichir, Vice President Human Resources & Quality

We create real development through every project. This is why we need people with a suitable profile for this mission.

We develop projects with major social impact and we can only do that with enthusiastic colleagues that see the good part of each challenge.