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How to create educational games in less than 5 minutes
At the recent GESS Dubai event, taking place at the beginning of March, SIVECO has launched Wand, an application meant to help teachers in carrying out their own digital lessons, adjusted to the learning needs of each student.
In 2014, the IT services market in Romania has reached 518.77 million USD
According to the latest market analysis published by International Data Corporation (IDC) for 2014, SIVECO ranks second place in IT Services Market ranking, with a market share of 6%.
Are you a farm manager wishing to increase the profitability of your business?
We can support you with the Farm Management System! Farm Management System, developed by SIVECO, assures collection, relating, reporting and achievement of data prognosis regarding farm management and infields.
Ongoing collaboration with the Macedonian Customs
The Customs Administration of the Republic of Macedonia has decided to use new software solutions provided by our specialists for the consistent application of community politics.
Florin Ilia is the new President and CEO of SIVECO Romania
SIVECO Romania Board of Directors appointed Florin Ilia as President and CEO of the company.
SIVECO - leader of the Romanian software market
The latest study released by International Data Corporation (IDC) strengthens SIVECO’s leader position in the top of software solutions integrators (System Integration Market) on the Romanian Market, with 14.3% market share.
IT streamlines the process of submitting the Romanian farmers’ applications for the European farm subsidies
During a conference held at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development the online financing submission application for agricultural holdings modernization was launched, through the National Rural Development Program (APDRP) - Measure 121.
IT helps the Macedonian customs to fulfill EU standards
In a world dominated by a global trend of migration, the national customs system of a country aiming to become a member of the European Union has to be in perfect compliance with EU legislation standards and procedures.
A+ for SIVECO!
We have great news: for the tenth year in a row, we are the leaders of IT services market
Software şi Succes
The "Software & Success" White Paper, recently published by International Data Corporation (IDC) objectively and analytically discusses the complexity of projects for introducing IT into the public sector, pitfalls encountered, but also models of good practice in overcoming them.