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News from SIVECO Romania, April 2015


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Gabriel Lospa,
eAgriculture Department Director

Are you a farm manager wishing to increase the profitability of your business?

We can support you with the Farm Management System!

Farm Management System, developed by SIVECO, assures collection, relating, reporting and achievement of data prognosis regarding farm management and infields.

"It is important for every farm manager that manages large land parcels to smartly monitor their business and to have access to useful information that help them make the best decisions. They can view in every moment the efficiency of every crop and they can act objectively. All our solution’s benefits will have as effect cost reduction related to business management", says Gabriel Lospa, eAgriculture Department Director, SIVECO Romania.

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Business Intelligence = Successful management decisions

Lacramioara Barseti,
SIVECO Applications
Department Director

The IT system SIVECO Business Intelligence provides SMEs with an essential support in managing and planning activities, but also in monitoring, controlling and prognosis.

"In time, SMEs gather data that becomes difficult to transform into useful information. SIVECO Business Intelligence covers all existing data in a SME. A manager should be able to evaluate not only the global performances of a company, but also those that are disaggregated by regions, time markers, clients, services, products, in one or more currencies. That’s why, the economic environment analysis are multidimensional", says Lacramioara Barseti, SIVECO Applications Department Director.

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Better services for airline passengers

Anisoara Georgescu, PMP
Senior Project Manager

All managers aim to increase the profitability of airlines flights.

With the help of SIVECO Applications 2020, integrated IT system, time resources can be optimized and the functioning of all departments from inside the organization can be monitored, managers having permanent access to current and accurate information. This assures not only the growth of the organization’s profitability, but also provision of better service to passengers.

"The collaboration with our clients implies, first of all, the business demands definition followed by a global and in-depth analysis of the customer’s business, development of work scenarios, customization and application development, testing, training end-users and finally the effective usage of the software", says Anisoara Georgescu, PMP, Senior Project Manager within SIVECO Romania.

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  Do you want to optimize your organization’s costs? Find out how!

Do you plan to have better trained employees?

Viorel Jigman,
AeL Product Manager

Most certainly well trained employees determine the success of the company.

The AeL online training platform, developed by SIVECO, assures employees’ improvement in a short period of time, with reduced costs. Any employee, regardless of his hierarchic level, geographical location or work schedule, can access the courses that he enrolls in.

"The AeL platform provides support for creating, planning and managing courses. Additionally, AeL includes a course editor, a test editor and a surveys editor, which allows creating specific courses for every company. Thus, any organization can create specific courses, based on their needs, starting from the organization’s procedures and processes. Our specialists can also help companies create desired courses. Using AeL, a company can significantly cut the costs associated with training and can shorten the time between needing the training and actually implementing it", says Viorel Jigman, AeL Product Manager within SIVECO Romania.

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 AeL platform as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), now available to managers

Students are invited to enter the Consumer Classroom competition!

Inter-school Consumer Classroom competition, at its third edition, is now opened to all middle schools students across the European Union who wants to demonstrate their creativity, intelligence and innovative spirit!

The Consumer Classroom website was developed under a framework contract concluded with the DG for Consumers, Health, Agriculture and Food Executive Agency, by a consortium led by Expertise France that includes SIVECO Romania, Dara (Ireland) and Laimomo (Italy).

The competition encourages 12-18 year old students to create joint projects on the theme of “young people, using Digital Content”, aiming to empower them to create and share digital resources such as interactive lesson, website pages, a videos or role-plays.

"Consumer Classroom portal was developed in line with one of the top priorities of the Digital Agenda for Europe (a Europe 2020 Initiative) towards a Digital Content Single Market. The project aims to empower the key target audience – secondary teachers and students, through promoting online consumers education, improving the awareness of teenagers and offering a common platform for collaboration about consumer topics across EU. SIVECO Romania contributes essentially to the success of this project, by managing to deploy the latest technologies and educational trends for the benefit of the entire European society", says Pauline Doria, Project Manager within Expertise France - the consortium leader.

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The natural gas, water and energy consumption will be monitored in real time

Monica Florea,
European Projects
Department Director

SIVECO Romania is partner in the research project "Flexmeter - Flexible smart metering for multiple energy vectors with active prosumers", financed through the Framework Programme for Research and Innovation - Horizon 2020.

The objective of this research project is the development of a solution that integrates processes and displays the data collected by a system of smart meters placed at the consumer level, but also at distribution utility stations to consumers, with the purpose of recording the consumption of water, gas and electricity.

"Consumer and local producers (“prosumers”) groups have an increasingly important role on the energy market. To answer their demands, even if we refer to electricity, gas or heating power, the current distribution networks will have to transform themselves in bidirectional systems that provide services for consumers as well as for utility suppliers", a says Monica Florea, European Projects Department Director within SIVECO Romania

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 Linked2Safety - an innovating project for sustaining medical research

GESS Dubai: SIVECO’s educational solutions, popular in the Gulf region

Radu Jugureanu,
AeL eContent Department Director

Recently, the educational solutions developed by SIVECO received positive feedback from thousands of Emirates students and teachers that had the opportunity to test them at GESS Dubai - the most prestigious educational exhibition in the Gulf region.

"High-level decision-makers, along with teachers and students from Gulf region were thrilled by the novelties presented at our stand at GESS. A very well appreciated was the system for editing and creating educational content that allow teachers to create outstanding educational resources and to integrate them into the lesson plan, with minimal effort. This tool is designed for teachers with no IT experience, its key elements being the simplicity and flexibility", spune Radu Jugureanu, AeL eContent Department Director within SIVECO Romania.

Visitors were also impressed by the spectacular Augmented Reality applications, in addition to traditional textbooks, displaying digital tridimensional representations of chemical elements molecules, planets or tectonic plates. These representations facilitate the understanding of some abstract notions and considerably develop space intelligence, being a first step towards immersive learning.

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 Can SME’s grow their profitability? Yes, IT is the key!