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News from SIVECO Romania, February 2014


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A+ for SIVECO!

We have great news: for the tenth year in a row, we are the leaders of IT services market

In a world whose essence has become interconnection, the vital requirement of the Romanian market in 2013 was system integration services. SIVECO Romania is the main provider on this segment, with 16.8% market share.

SIVECO also holds 7.9% of the local market for IT services, strengthening its position as IT leader in Romania, both in the hierarchy of IT services providers, and of software solutions for business management (IDC study/2013). We are even happier as our company provides strictly software services, and SIVECO has been imposing itself for a decade now in a top where the challenge is split between the most important hardware providers.

To the SIVECO Romania's 2013 balance sheet it should be added an impressive honors list of awards received in prestigious competitions, a portfolio of more than 20 projects developed for organizations of the European Commission and a slight increase in turnover.

"2013 was a glorious year for us, in no other year did we get awards and such spectacular recognition as last year! A year full of challenges, but in which we succeeded in winning new customers and in concluding significant contracts, both as financial and social value. The need for introducing IT is very high, mostly in the area of public administration. In 2014 those betting on new products and technologies, as well as innovative spirit, will win", declares Irina Socol, President and CEO of SIVECO Romania.

TOP 10 SIVECO Romania in 2013

21 times on the podium

We have climbed the podium in important international competitions such as World Summit Award (world championship of IT projects), International Project Excellence Award (world championship for project management), EdTech 20 Europe, European Business Awards, Stevie Awards and European IT & Software Excellence Awards 2013.
On national level, we were awarded for the economic performances, for excellence, for export activity, the social corporate responsibility and for the best cloud public project (ADLIC - electronic system for computer-based distribution for high school admission).

New office in Ankara

The commercial office in Turkey is the fifth international subsidiary and the third office the company has opened in Asia, highlighting the extension of our commercial activities to this geographical area. We have subsidiaries also in Belgium, United Arab Emirates, in Bulgaria and Kazakhstan.

Contributing to the education reform in Malta

In Malta, we launched implementation of 100% customized educational content for the secondary and primary education, within the largest scale educational projects developed nationwide in this country. The performance is the more impressive, as the education system in Malta is one of the most competitive educational systems in Europe, based from the historical perspective on a solid British expertise.

Starting a new healthcare project

The electronic health record developed for NHIH (CNAS) extends our portfolio of eHealth type for solutions, along with the national health card and the electronic prescription. These applications are connected through the Unique Integrated Information System (SIUI) to the Health Insurance Information Platform (PIAS), with the purpose of increasing the efficiency of the healthcare sector to the benefit of over 19 million contributors.

54 successfully implemented projects, financed from European Union structural funds

We provide people IT instruments becoming indispensable in the modern society. With over 200,000 beneficiaries, the projects that we run and financed from European funds have provided to the local business environment developement premises that meet European standards.

Does the learning paradigm change?

If you would use all your knowledge of Chemistry, Physics, Math, Civic Education, History, Geography, do you think you could save from disaster the Nuclear Power Plant in Chernobyl? Some students do. The project based learning in cross-disciplinary context, with help from multi-touch devices, represents a revolutionary program that some schools and high-schools are already using it.
The eLearning project "Optimized educational process in the view of knowledge society competences" has become a real IT star, receiving a record number of official recognitions, national and international. It is based on an innovative teaching process, unique in Romania and not only, implemented by the Ministry of National Education, through the Management Unit for Projects with External Funding, in partnership with SIVECO Romania and the National Defense University "Carol I".

Projects in 27 countries on 4 continents!

The international extension is part of our strategy for long term sustainable development. We currently operate in 27 countries with potential for development from the European Union, the Community of Independent States, Middle East and North Africa.
Over 30% of SIVECO's turnover comes from know-how export, while the eLearning solutions are prevalent. The results in 2013 form a solid base for business development this year.

Adopting innovative technologies

In 2013, the software company has enriched its portfolio with solutions using Cloud technologies and a long-awaited premiere in eLearning. From the range of products adjusted to the new Cloud technologies, a suite named SIVECO Project:Cloud, including AeL, SIVADOC and SIVECO Applications 2020 solutions. The IT systems improve the costs of hardware and software resources, since the cost reductions related to IT infrastructure are significant.

Also, we have the spelling book (Abecedary) on the tablet! The digital manuals launched in 2013 are perfectly adjusted to the national curricula and include audio, video sequences, animations, simulations and activities run in actual or virtual laboratories. Read here more about digital manuals.

Among the products launched in 2013 is also the application SIVECO Business Analyzer, accessible on mobile devices - a true dashboard for managers. You may find more here

Serving the European citizens

Since 2009, SIVECO has signed framework–agreements for over 20 projects for organizations of the European Commission, such as the European Union Publications Office, EUROSTAT- European Union’s Statistics Institute, European Aviation Safety Agency, and EuropeAid. The IT company is currently national leader in implementing complex integrated projects.

Social responsibility - mission possible

One of the vital pillars of the sustainable development strategy of SIVECO consists in assuming social responsibility.
Since 2008, the company has released Social Responsibility reports, being the only Romanian IT company and one of the pioneers at national level in promoting the sustainable development policies. The 5th Social Responsibility Report, published in the fall of 2013, reports environmental programs and policies, corporate civism policies, quality, business ethics, the products’ social benefits, the development targets, as well as a history of social actions deployed in the period 2002 - 2012.


Top 100 European companies

We succeeded in achieving a performance that we are very proud of! In the prestigious European Business Awards competition, which draws annually the attention of the entire European business area, the company SIVECO was awarded with the Ruban d’Honneur title at Infosys Business of the Year Award category.

The trophy, coveted by many companies, acknowledges the exceptional quality of the winner’s commercial activities, good practices, the high degree of innovation and their ethical behavior. Just 100 companies, out of a total of over 15,000 applicants, receive the Ruban d’Honneur title every year.

And SIVECO Romania is now the holder of four such awards! The company has previously received Ruban d’Honneur in 2009, for its social responsibility activity, in 2011 for its business success, innovation and ethics, and in 2012, for the performance achieved in exporting software products and services.

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  Exporter of the year

Our plans for 2014

Irina SOCOL,
President & CEO
"We are in a consolidation period. We are very trustful in the potential of some important contracts that are about to be signed this year both in Romania, and abroad. We aim that in the next 5 years reaching a turnover of 100 million euro", says Irina Socol, President and CEO SIVECO Romania, given the context where the company’s Romanian top management team has bought out the equity held since 2005 by the Intel Capital and Enterprise Investors investment funds, respectively.

This strategic decision sends a positive signal referring to the company’s development plans and proves its undertaking by the management.

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  SIVECO Romania consolidates its managerial team

IT solutions increase the performance of the Procurement Department

Lacramioara BARSETI,
Department Manager
SIVECO Applications
We have a solution for the companies wishing to reduce the time for data processing and transfer and which would reduce information redundancy: the Procurement Management solution developed by SIVECO Romania, a component of the information system SIVECO Applications 2020. Bringing substantial benefits!

"The Procurement Management solution within the integrated information package SIVECO Applications 2020 was conceived and developed by specialists in automation of commercial processes, being meant to provide companies both in the public and private sector with scalable and safe solutions for managing the procurement activities", declared Lacramioara Barseti, Manager of SIVECO Applications Department.

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Modern technologies save nations’ culinary heritage

Specialists for the food products industry in Romania, Spain and Portugal can share their knowhow and good practices regarding the authenticity of traditional recipes and ingredients, with the support from the eLearning collaborative platform.

The aim of TOL4FOOD project was to develop and implement an integrated system for training and lifelong learning regarding promoting cooperation and mobility between researchers and small and medium entrepreneurs. Specialists from the traditional food products industry in Romania, Spain and Portugal benefitted from mutual transfer of knowhow and good practices, while the authenticity of traditional recipes and ingredients was evaluated.

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 We support the consumers’ organizations in Europe

CompEtent, a project for people

Employees of the Public Employment Agency benefit from an eLearning portal and complex certified training programs through a project co-funded from the European Social Fund, through the Sectoral Operational Program Human Resources Development 2007-2013 "Invest in people!"

The project is developed and implemented through a partnership of County Employment Agencies in seven counties, with nongovernmental organizations and SIVECO Romania.

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  FormREF, a business card for Romania in Berlin