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News from SIVECO Romania, February 2015


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Dan Tuhar,
eCustoms Department Director

Ongoing collaboration with the Macedonian Customs

The Customs Administration of the Republic of Macedonia has decided to use new software solutions provided by our specialists for the consistent application of community politics.

Thus, the national economic agents will have a clear record of the measures they should apply for the import transactions or for the export of goods.

The customs system in the Republic of Macedonia is aligned with the European Union’s tariff system and all the national economic agents can now access information online.

"Integrated Tariff Environment is a business concept which groups several IT- applications for the information exchange between the European Commission and the EU Member States. TARIC is a database that indicates the tariff and non-tariff measures applicable to goods, when these are imported on the customs territory of the European Union or, as appropriate, when these are exported to third party countries", says Dan Tuhar, eCustoms Department Director, SIVECO Romania.

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Too many resources for repairs and maintenance?

Sorin Dimofte,
Sales & IT Consultancy Director

If the answer is YES, SIVECO Romania is proposing you an integrated information system for Maintenance Management, a solution confirmed by the market for its performances.

The system offers support for the maintenance specialists for optimizing activity and consumption planning, also reducing the number and the severity of accidental down-time and costs reduction.

"If you wish that with the same costs to do more maintenance than you do right now or to do the same maintenance with lower costs, if you’re tired of systematic causes, if accidental repairs exceed in number and value the other works, if using of resources disappoint you, then your company needs an integrated maintenance IT solution. Whether we like it or not, maintenance needs computers and integrated software as much as the other areas of the company", says Sorin Dimofte, Sales and IT Consultancy Director within SIVECO Romania.

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Improving water and sewage services

Lacramioara Barseti,
SIVECO Applications
Departament Director

Water and Sewage regional operators can efficiently administrate material and financial resources.

SIVECO has developed an IT system that will help these companies plan their capital investments, obtain a clear image of the assets’ characteristics and have a calendar of the re- technologizing program.

"This component is essential to the Water and Sewage operators from Romania who want to provide better services to clients and to have an efficient management of their assets", says Lacramioara Barseti, Department Director SIVECO Applications.

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  Advantages with using a Waste Management System

We can train employees faster and efficiently, at lower costs

Florin Anton,
eLearning Departament Director

Have you ever thought that there is a digital "trainer" for improving, evaluating and managing your employees' training?

The result would be a more quickly and efficiently training, at lower costs. The AeL online training platform can be accessed anytime, from anywhere, with significant cost reduction, compared to traditional training. Furthermore, the AeL platform can be used as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), in Cloud, helping to lower the overall costs and converting the capital costs in operating costs.

Companies can choose to use the AeL platform in SaaS. Thus, dedicated hardware is no longer required and there is no need to buy licenses, but only to pay the actual use of the system. The platform integrates natively with the basic systems used in most organizations, such as user management and email", says Florin Anton, eLearning Department Director within SIVECO Romania.

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 The doctoral dissertations and academic titles, managed by an IT system

Access to medical information from all over Europe

Monica Florea,
European Projects
Departament Director

Pharmaceutical companies, researchers and health care providers now benefit of the advantages of European R&D project Linked2Safety, conducted by a European consortium which, alongside 10 partners, is part and SIVECO Romania.

This project enables access to electronic medical information from across Europe, being designed to support the promotion of medical research and improvement of patient care.

"During the past 36 months, many specialists have been involved in the development of this project dedicated to improve the medical process. We are honored that the project was appreciated by the European Commissioners, attending the project’s final meeting, held in Brussels", says Monica Florea, Director of European Projects Department within SIVECO Romania.

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"...and the winner is": the scenario for teaching English to students with visual impairments

Open Discovery Space

The most creative educational scenario in Romania "Let’s learn English together", was nominated as Winner at the national phase of the Open Discovery Space competition.

The author, teacher Georgeta Namolovan, will be rewarded with an invitation to the Summer Academy in Greece and will enter the competition’s international finals. The project helps children with visual impairments to learn English and also is familiarize their parents with the RoboBraille program.

Teachers from 20 countries participating in the European research program Open Discovery Space, were invited to attend an international competition of creating teaching scenarios that will be used in pre-university education.

SIVECO Romania is a national partner and coordinator in the European research project Open Discovery Space, which aims at involving some 10,000 teachers and 40,000 students across Europe. Also, over 2.000 schools in Europe will have the possibility to use a common database of digital multi-linguistic lessons.

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 Science teachers, national champions!