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News from SIVECO Romania, July 2013


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White Paper "Software & Success"

Software & Success

"Software & Success", the White Paper recently published by International Data Corporation (IDC), one of the global leaders in market analysis and IT consultancy, objectively and analytically discusses the complexity of projects for introducing IT into the public sector, pitfalls encountered, but also models of good practice in overcoming them.

Laurenţiu Popescu, Country Manager IDC Romania, says: "The organizational complexity of the public sector is a big challenge for IT solutions providers. We have analyzed three successful projects carried out by the SIVECO team in the field of education, health and agriculture, from the perspective of both the challenges they have brought about, but also of their results. Such best practices have to be acknowledged and replicated."

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A successful young manager: Alexandru Coşbuc

Alexandru Coşbuc,
International Sales & Partners

Alexandru Coşbuc, Vice-President International Sales & Partners and General Manager of the SIVECO representative office in the United Arab Emirates, has been awarded for his performance and professionalism at the "100 Top Young Managers" 2013 Gala.

This was the 8th edition of the annually event organized by the Business Magazine, one of the most prestigious publications of the Romanian press.

Alexandru is only 32 years old but has been part of SIVECO team for over 10 years. Since 2007 he is responsible of developing the company's business in the Gulf region.


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We are in the European top of the biggest eLearning providers

Irina Socol,
President & CEO

A new Romanian success comes from the UK: SIVECO is ranked in the European top of eLearning providers, EdTech 20.

The top brings together the most innovative and dynamic companies active in e-learning at European level.

"Since 2001, our eLearning solution has established itself in the great European and world competitions. This objective, international evaluation proves the value of our solutions and projects of introducing IT in the education field. The fact that we are the only company in Central and Eastern Europe nominated in this ranking is absolutely remarkable", stated Irina Socol, President & CEO SIVECO Romania.

The eLearning solutions developed by SIVECO Romania cover an extremely extensive area: from creating interactive educational content (over 45,000 learning objects) to developing eLearning platforms and educational portals. These are addressing an extremely varied audience: pupils, teachers, students, employees, and decision - makers in the education system, being used by over 25,000 schools in Europe, Middle East, and countries in CCIS area and North Africa.

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  Awarded for "excellence in exporting software products and services"

How will the "Classroom of the Future" look like?

Radu Jugureanu,
AeL eContent Department Manager

Windows and Android tablets, projector screens, interactive blackboards, Multi-touch devices, Augmented Reality - all of these will constantly be used in the schools where our children will learn.

The huge opportunities provided by IT&C in the classroom were presented at the Education Congress, an event recently organized in Bucharest, where guests could see with their own eyes the "Classroom of the Future".

"We present a prototype of the classroom of the future, where the education process, run by real people (pupils and teachers), in a specific national teaching culture, incorporates the advantages of IT&C technology, proving the added value of the "e" letter in eLearning", declares prof. Radu Jugureanu, eContent Development Manager, SIVECO Romania.

The classroom of the future is closer and closer to the generation of those born in the digital era.

"Young pupils are formed, from a mental point of view, in different mode than the one the traditional class is still functioning in. They are used to organizing most of their activities and to inform themselves using digital devices, such as tablets and mobile phones, whose applications provide instant feedback. And when they reach the classroom, they are forced to log off, to disconnect from all these technologies and to integrate into a learning space, which would have been very familiar to a teacher from 300 years ago", added prof. Jugureanu.

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 Using the electronic prescription, a real success

The pensions and social security systems, managed in an IT-based manner

Mihăiţă Ionel,
Customized Applications Development
Department Manager

What happens when each country has its own regulations for managing pension systems, while the mobility of citizens is increasing?

Naturally, a common framework for managing social security rights is required.

In this context, SIVECO develops IT based solutions for the uniform management of the contributors, of employers, of their contributions and for the real time allocation of the rights’ quota (quantum) that contributors are entitled to.

"The keyword for ensuring a robust IT solution for the IT based management of the social security rights system is flexibility. We have taken into account this vital aspect throughout the design and development stages of our TOPAZ system, while equipping it with the necessary mechanism for the fast integration at any time, of the legislative changes that could occur. This vital functionality, but also the ease in locating the system anywhere in any country, make TOPAZ a competitive solution at international level, providing the public institutions with an increased control over the public pensions and other social security rights systems", says Mihăiţă Ionel, Customized Applications Development Department Manager.

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  Get access from mobile devices to the dashboard of your organization!

Training courses for airports employees

Anişoara Georgescu,
Senior Project Manager

A large project for the professional training of the Romanian airport employees has come to an end.

631 employees of airports part of the Airports’ Association in Romania (AAR) and AAR associates participated in the 47 professional training sessions organized in representative cities like Timişoara, Cluj-Napoca/Tureni, Constanţa, Oradea, Iaşi, Bucureşti, Baia Mare and Sibiu.

"Over 100 employees have attended the Information Technology and Communications courses held by the SIVECO specialists. We developed the project’s portal and teaching materials in innovative multimedia format for 8 professional training programs in the airports’ field, that have stimulated the interest and involvement of the participants. We have received excellent feed-back", said Anişoara Georgescu, Project Coordinator on behalf of SIVECO.

The "Professional training in airports: labor security and environment protection in using modern technologies" project started in January 2011 and was implemented by the Airports’ Association in Romania, in partnership with SIVECO Romania.

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