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News from SIVECO Romania, July 2014


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Irina Socol,
President & CEO

SIVECO - leader of the Romanian software market

The latest study released by International Data Corporation (IDC) strengthens SIVECO’s leader position in the top of software solutions integrators (System Integration Market) on the Romanian Market, with 14.3% market share.

The study represents a comprehensive radiography of the Romanian IT services market and of its main players. SIVECO’s position in the IDC ranking is completely extraordinary, although it provides solely software and related services, as it is the only Romanian company dominating a top traditionally dedicated to hardware integrators. On the overall IT services market (IT Services Market), the company preserves this year too its second position with 6.4% market share, overrunning global providers of IT systems and services.

Throughout last year, SIVECO has consolidated its position both on the national and international market, by implementing large complex strategic projects, as well as through granting increased attention to innovation, research and development.

"For over 22 years, our company is one of the key players of the Romanian software market. We build projects and solutions meeting the need of the Information society. The IDC Study represents a milestone in the analysis of the business environment and it highlights in a very objective and structured manner the trends and ranking of the local IT market. Such studies do help us to better understand the market and guide our business in the right direction", stated Irina Socol, President and CEO of SIVECO Romania.

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An extraordinary chance: to jump directly into the information society

Florin Ilia,

"We can make the leap from the agricultural based economy directly to the information society, if education gets modernized", said Florin Ilia, Vice-president SIVECO Romania, at the conference "The biggest players in economy", organized by "Ziarul Financiar".

"We, Romanians, have the advantage we adjust easily to the new technology – one can see also from the recent statistics which compare us to other European countries regarding the use of IT and Internet. We have a large pool of IT specialists who work in educational projects. SIVECO exports software products to 27 countries. I do believe that the new technologies are an extraordinary chance for Romania! A wise countryside child, with a computer connected to the internet and guidance from an open- hearted person can make the leap forward from the agricultural sustainable economy to the information society, to an interesting and well-paid career", stated Florin Ilia during his talks with high state officials, representatives of banks and of large Romanian companies, attending the conference.

According to discussions during the conference "The biggest players in economy", Romania is a favorite destination of investment funds given that the economy is growing, the labor force is well trained and cheap, the banks are selling assets at low prices, while the state is listing companies at the Stock Exchange.

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Our young successful managers.
Today: Ştefan Morcov

Stefan Morcov,
Deputy Vice-president

Our colleague, Ștefan Morcov, Deputy Vice-president SIVECO Romania, was nominated in the top of young successful managers in Romania, by the publication Business Magazin, which launched the annual edition of the catalogue „100 top young managers".

Aged 31, he was nominated as Deputy Vice-president within the Commercial Division of SIVECO, a company with over 1,000 employees. Since 2008 our colleague is the manager of SIVECO Brussels office. From there, he coordinates the IT services contracts for the European Union Publication Office, the General Directorate for Health and Consumer, the Executive Agency for Health & Consumers, Aviation Safety Agency, Eurostat and EuropeAid.

Stefan, who is currently 37, believes that "it is important to do everything with passion. Life is a playfield and we constantly keep redefining its profile and rules".

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  Awarded for innovation at eHealth Next Generation

The children from Jimbolia, a small Romanian city, managed to measure the Earth's circumference

Monica Florea,
Head of Unit European Projects

A small school in Romania restored Eratosthenes experiment and won the contest by competing with 370 schools from 37 countries. The experiment in the schoolyard was documented with photographs which brought to Romanian teenagers and their teacher the first place in the Eratosthenes Experiment International Photography Contest 2014, organized by the Department of Research and Development of the Greek school Ellinogermaniki Agogi.

The experiment is an activity of the European project Inspiring Science Education (ISE) the contest being organized by the Open Discovery Space (ODS). SIVECO Romania is partner within both European projects, playing the role of national coordinator.

"We have created the Community of the Romanian Teachers on the project portal - where we have already enrolled teachers from over 30 schools. Why is this portal important? Firstly, the teachers in this community have the opportunity to interact with other teachers’ communities across Europe and have access to over 600,000 educational resources, communities and digital tools. Participating schools gain international profile, an aspect that schools in Romania need to improve", said Monica Florea, Head of Unit European Projects, SIVECO Romania

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Inspiring Science Education. 5000 European schools will use virtual laboratories powered by SIVECO

SIVECO contributes to the improvement of the resources used in the learning and teaching of the scientific subjects in 5000 schools in the European Union within the project Inspiring Science Education (ISE).

ISE European project is running from April 2013 to July 2016 and aims to provide digital resources enabling the scientific education to become more immersive and attractive.

The project supports the creation of a system that will help teachers to develop educational scenarios using a wide range of existing eLearning tools and resources (virtual laboratories and Augmented Reality), as well as mobile devices and technologies for people with disabilities and special needs.

SIVECO and its partners contribute to defining a systematic methodology for describing eLearning tools and resources and to creating the infrastructure of the educational content.

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 Personalized educational entertainment - the new television
 EU coordination mechanisms in critical situations

Magic of education? The future is already happening!

How can we keep the children’s interest in books and school, in a world where information is present on all media channels that young people have access to? Florin Ilia, Vice-president of SIVECO Romania, talked during an interview for the Club IT&C publication about the digital lessons and their role in changing the learning paradigm.

"I am firmly convinced that, by adopting new technologies, school can get closer to children. We are not talking about science-fiction projections, but real digital tools that can become an extraordinary support, complementary to the learning process. They already exist and are used in many Romanian high schools and schools. Here I would like to mention the open-hearted people from the National College „Mihai Eminescu” from Satu Mare where teachers and pupils are performing intensive project-based, cross-disciplinary learning, using the digital resources produced by us, thus continuously improving themselves. It is an example of good practice that any school can adopt", has stated Florin Ilia for IT&C Club.

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How safe is your company’s data in cloud?

Cloud has basically changed the business model, while providers of software solutions have to adapt to this new model. Marcel Calinoaia, Information Security Manager and Solution Architect at SIVECO Romania talks about the changes brought about by the new infrastructure and about the challenges that companies are facing, in an interview published in the second edition of the “Cloud Computing” Catalogue Romania.

"Data protection, as part of the information security, is a process. As any process, it has to be evaluated and continuously improved and this requires an ongoing effort. The companies providing cloud solutions for the public sector have specialists dedicated to ensuring information security, which is not always true for the companies that manage classic IT systems. Very often, the IT department responsible for the operation of IT systems, is in charge of ensuring information security within companies. Given that one of the information security challenges is to establish an optimal balance between systems’ operating and their security, a potential conflict may occur in case the same persons ensure both the systems’ functionality and security", stated Marcel Calinoaia who also explained the way the transition to cloud is influencing the software producers.

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  Our mission is to help teachers to be magical in the eyes of children
  Citizens, the first beneficiaries of introducing IT into public institutions

Quality Education in Chemical Engineering

A new phase of the partnership between the Polytechnic University of Bucharest and SIVECO Romania will result in the period May 13, 2014 - November12, 2015 in the project POSDRU/156/1.2/G/141040 project, e-ChemEng: Quality Education in Chemical Engineering Higher Education.

The main objective of the project financed by the Structural Funds is to adjust the bachelor’s degree program to the European requirements by extending learning opportunities to the students.

The project aims at promoting innovation in higher education in the field of chemical engineering, by giving real-time access to the educational package and by encouraging students to participate in the development of the educational package.

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  Equal opportunities for women on the Labor market in Romania