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News from SIVECO Romania, June 2015


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Florin Ilia,
President & CEO

In 2014, the IT services market in Romania has reached 518.77 million USD

According to the latest market analysis published by International Data Corporation (IDC) for 2014, SIVECO ranks second place in IT Services Market ranking, with a market share of 6%.

The IDC market analysis draws the most complete picture of the Romanian IT services market and the market position of the 100 IT services providers operating in Romania.

"The results of the study conducted by IDC, the premier global provider of market intelligence, confirm that our business strategy and portfolio of services synchronizes in real-time with the market requirements. Thus, to meet our customers' need for mobility we added new functionalities to the already existing solutions and launched new solutions based on the latest trends and latest technologies. Mobility has become a basic feature of SIVECO applications, designed and developed for Cloud and delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS). Mobility, along with Cloud, has the power to improve companies’ performance, making them more competitive. Companies that adopt these solutions will have, in the coming years, a certain advantage in the market", says Florin Ilia, President & CEO.

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Are you ready for the VAT change? Our Cloud-based application is helping you!

Alexandru Mihail,
Technical Leader
SIVECO Applications

Companies can instantly adopt the new VAT rate, with the help of Financial Accounting Management, a component of SIVECO Applications 2020 Project:Cloud.

"Our Business Management System is 100% Romanian and therefore it is easily adapted to any new amendments in the legislation. Through the Financial Accounting Management component, the VAT logs are updated according to the Fiscal Code’s application norms, and on their basis is performed the VAT reimbursement (Declaration 300), which is submitted each month at the Tax Administration. The application’s accounting mechanisms are configured so that the adoption of a new rate shall be implemented easily to any customer", says Alexandru Mihail, Technical Leader SIVECO Applications.

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  5 steps to a better access to information

How to support independent and healthy aging

Monica Florea,
European Projects
Department Manager

A happy, independent and healthy aging. Is this ideal possible? We think it is, due to the project ProActive Ageing.

SIVECO Romania is a partner within the research project "Active life’s extension for an independent and healthy ageing" (ProActive Ageing), funded through the PARTNERSHIP Programme - Applied Research Collaborative Projects.

"SIVECO has a significant contribution to the development of online services provided by the ProActive ageing platform. More specifically, we are responsible for coordinating the carrying out the experimental models, training materials and necessary toolkit for supporting the medical research towards active and healthy ageing, and the integration of the three modules", says Monica Florea, Manager of European Projects Department within SIVECO Romania.

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 Research projects: a promise for a better future for every citizen

Romanian teachers, awarded at European level

Ana-Maria Baldea,
Project Manager

The Jury of the European competition Learning with Light, organized within the project Inspiring Science Education, has recently selected the finalists’ list and granted special recognition to the innovative projects. One of this special recognition (Highly Commended Certificate) goes to Romania, being awarded to an innovative application, carried out by Mrs. Cristina Nicolaita, Science Teacher at the Gymnasium School Gheorghe Magheru in Caracal.

The project Inspiring Science Education, where SIVECO Romania is a partner and the national coordinator, aims to promote sciences and to transform education into an attractive and relevant activity for students, with the help of state-of-the-art tools.

"We are happy that Romanian teachers have participated in this competition too, as they have the power to shape tomorrow's world citizens. The recognition of their projects at European level confirms the good direction our country is heading, to transform the educational process into a pleasant activity, where teachers guide students to perform their own scientific discoveries and to train their imagination", states Ana-Maria Baldea, Project Manager for Inspiring Science Education, within SIVECO Romania.

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