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News from SIVECO Romania, May 2014


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IT streamlines the process of submitting the Romanian farmers’ applications for the European farm subsidies

During a conference held at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development the online financing submission application for agricultural holdings modernization was launched, through the National Rural Development Program (APDRP) - Measure 121.

Technical and financial implementation of the National Rural Development Program 2007 - 2013 (NRDP), a program of the European Union supporting the member countries through Common Agricultural Policy, is provided by the Payment Agency for Rural Development and Fisheries (APDRP). The available funds for the modernization of agricultural holdings (Measure 121) are of EUR 150 million for project submitted during May 20th to July 18th 2014.

The IT solutions developed for APDRP by SIVECO and its partners support farmers and investors whom submit requests for non-reimbursable funds, streamlining the process of submitting the applications.

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Romanian IT, the excellence & innovation "trademark"

Spring brought us the joy of winning some important European competitions. After the award received in March in London, at European IT & Software Excellence Awards, for the Electronic Prescription Information Systems, in May came the golden medal for The Most Innovative Product of the Year at Best in Biz Awards 2014 EMEA: an educational project based on multi-touch technology.

These are important achievements, for both competitions are highly disputed, SIVECO projects competing with nearly 180 large-scale projects, from all areas.

European IT & Software Excellence Awards 2014

Dragoş Dobran,
eHealth Department Manager

"The award received in London by the Electronic Prescription Information System, at the most prestigious competition for IT projects from Europe, is a great honour, for there was strong competition - this year 80 companies from 16 countries have attended. The IT system developed for the National Health Insurance House was one of the hardest we have ever developed. Huge efforts were made, but we finally begin to see extraordinary results of these efforts", said Dragos Dobran, eHealth Department Manager, SIVECO Romania.

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Best in Biz Awards 2014 EMEA

Radu Jugureanu,
AeL eContent
Department Manager

"We are honoured to receive the golden medal from a prestigious jury of business analysts and media specialist representatives from around the world. Through this new recognition, we proved that a Romanian team develops valuable projects, considered among the best in the world. Let’s not forget that this award also belongs to project’s partners: the Management of Externally Financed Projects Unit of the Ministry of Education, trainers, curriculum developers, guides, impact studies and other materials, writers, teachers, researchers, IT specialists from Romania", said Radu Jugureanu AeL eContent Department Manager, SIVECO Romania.

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 SIVECO’s management buyout in TOP 2013 Transactions
 21st century business: a balance between profitability & responsibility

eLearning: refreshing the Romanian education

With Augmented Reality, digital manuals and multidisciplinary interactive content, accessed through multi-touch devices, tablets or 3D technology, the school can overcome the existent gap between digital world - in which the children have mastered communication - and the classroom universe in which teacher continues to address them with the help of the board and chalk.

Today’s school has the difficult task of reinventing itself. How can it fulfill this vital mission?

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Better document management for companies

Ionuţ Arsene,
SIVADOC Product Manager

With every day, the activities of your company become more complex and more complicated. It’s time for an IT system that ensures rigorous organization and quick access to documents.

Did you know that 80% of the employees spend an average of 30 minutes a day searching for information, and 60% spend an hour or more recreating documents that already exist?

"The SIVADOC system for documents and workflow management provide many advantages compared to the traditional way of organizing and archiving documents. It increases the employees’ efficiency and the document approval process is reduced from weeks to hours. For companies with many subsidiaries, the operational costs and document approval period are significantly decreased", says Ionut Arsene, Product Manager within SIVECO Customized Application Development Department in an interview for IT Trends magazine.

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  Supporting the environment with top IT laboratory solution

Romania’s Next Mission: Increasing the EU funds absorption level

Cristina Iţcuş,
Structural Funds
Department Manager

Authorities, economic operators and the media have decided to join forces to support new mechanisms to increase the absorption rate of EU funds in 2014-2020.

At the "European Funds 2014 - 2020" forum, SIVECO experts shared their expertise in the development of projects financed through Structural Funds.

"We are actively involved in developing projects financed through Structural Funds, by which IT tools become available to people. The projects deployed through the Operational Program for Human Resources Development (POSDRU) have achieved their objectives: to develop human capital through promoting education, training and entrepreneurial culture", said Cristina Iţcuş, Structural Funds Department Manager, SIVECO Romania.

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 eLearning in the Digital Era
 SIVECO supports excellence in computer science

CompEtent, a project that invests in people

160 employees of the Public Employment Service from eight counties benefit from an eLearning portal and complex skills training programs through a project co-funded by European Social Fund through Sectorial Operational Program for Human Resources Development 2007-2013 "Invest in people!".

The project is developed and implemented through a partnership between Counties Employment Agencies from Botoşani, Timiş, Argeş, Bacău, Buzău, Tulcea, Vrancea, "Closer to you" Association from Iaşi, Community Association for Unity and Mediation Vaslui and SIVECO Romania.

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  Education - the chance to write the future!