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News from SIVECO Romania, May 2016


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Alexandru Cosbuc,
Deputy Vice-President
International Sales

How to create educational games in less than 5 minutes

At the recent GESS Dubai event, taking place at the beginning of March, SIVECO has launched Wand, an application meant to help teachers in carrying out their own digital lessons, adjusted to the learning needs of each student.

Practically, in just a few minutes, any techer can create educational diagrams presentation, illustrations on the interactive blackboard, or even games, accessible to students’ directly on their mobile devices.

"Wand is an innovative application, especially created to improve the quality of the educational process. We have developed this product starting just from the needs expressed by teachers - that is to motivate the pupils to learn in a pleasant manner, using attractive and customized educational content of high quality and monitoring the learning process. We have decided to launch the product at GESS Dubai because it is the main meeting point of teachers and education specialists from the Middle East. Is a well known the countries in the Gulf area invest hugely in education and, therefore, the exigencies regarding educational products are very high", states Alexandru Coșbuc, vice-president SIVECO for international Sales and CEO of SIVECO representative in the United Arab Emirates.

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The Romanian Payments and Intervention Agency for Agriculture (APIA) started performing the payments for the 2015 Campaign

SIVECO Romania is the leader of the consortium that has developed the IT modules for payments calculation, payments approval and actual performing of payments corresponding to the agriculture payment schemes for the vegetable sector, within the APIA information system.

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Until 2025 the demand for hydrocarbons will reach 105 million barrels a day

Lacramioara Barseti,
SIVECO Applications
Department Manager

Over the past years, the companies in the oil sector are dealing with the huge challenges. In latest years, a new one was added: to carry out the integrated management of a huge data volume with an exponential growth.

Meeting these requests, the IT solutions developed by SIVECO Romania dedicated to oil companies are covering both the flow of commercial operations from HQs, at the level of sub-units, from warehouses and gas stations respectively, and the processes specific to port operators of oil products.

"Apart from the expertise in developing large scale and large complexity IT projects, our team has a good understanding of the sector, acquired through many successful implementations at large companies in the oil sector, both in Romania, and in other countries with tradition in this industry. We are proud that our ERP solution, SIVECO Applications 2020, operates with very good results at the Black Sea Terminal Georgia, one of the first ten oil companies in the world. In Romania we have collaborated with important companies in the oil sector such as National Company OMV Petrom, COMVEX and UNICOM Holding", has stated Lacramioara Barseti, SIVECO Applications Department Manager.

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  How can IT help the players on the retail market? SIVECO eLearning projects are examples of good practice

Radu Jugureanu,
eContent Departament

The European portal Scientix - is the virtual meeting place of teaching staff for sciences, technologies, engineering and mathematics, researchers in education, decision making factors and of other professionals in the field of scientific education. The portal aims at promoting new teaching techniques, to popularize science among youngsters, and to stimulate collaboration between teachers in European schools.

"The lessons have been elaborated by our specialists in education and are made available to children by means of an online portal. As a result of this project, children with special educational needs have access to better education, to a more efficient specialized support, are helped to develop new competences and skills, which help them to find a job after completing their studies and to play an active role in society", says Radu Jugureanu, eContent Department Manager within SIVECO Romania.

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 With AeL the time spent by the employees in the training process can be reduced by 40%

European Union aims that, by 2020, the school dropout rate should get below 10%

Monica Florea,
European Projects
Department Manager

Increasing the training motivation for students in the secondary and gymnasium cycle, through transforming learning into a pleasant, interesting and useful activity, with help of the latest technological innovation, is the main objective of NEWTON research project.

The project was recently launched and is carried out by a consortium of 14 European companies from 7 countries.

"We are very happy to participate in such a project, where we can capitalize on the result of research undertaking within SIVECO. The NEWTON objectives reflect very well our own work in the field of eLearning, based on the educational paradigm of XXI century, dynamic and pupil-centered. In today’s world, it is necessary that the pupil should be able to manage the modality of accessing knowledge according to his/her specific needs, being helped also by technology in the selection process. In order to yield results, the educational process has to be interactive, based on the latest technologies and on the new ways of communication, thus becoming a pleasant activity", says Monica Florea, European Projects Department Manager within SIVECO Romania.

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Innovation, the intelligent way to change business

According to public statistics, most business leaders recognize the importance of innovation for the success of the business. Approximately 60% of them acknowledge that innovation has a very big impact in this respect.

The European research-innovation project ACCELERATE, where SIVECO is participating, aims at the intelligent transformation of business in the IT sector through massive adoption of the latest technological innovations.

"SIVECO Romania is the coordinator of the consortium in Romania and plays an important role in the project development. The platform will provide tools meant to accelerating the companies development and will deliver services supporting the performance of Go- to market processes. These include specific instruments to search for business partners and to do project management. The platform users will have easy access to all information and data, that will be shared, transferred and assimilated at a fast pace", says Monica Florea, Project manager within SIVECO Romania.

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 Learning through play
 A record number of schools in Romania have participated in the Eratosthenes Experiment