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News from SIVECO Romania, October 2014


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Florin Ilia,
President & CEO

Florin Ilia is the new President and CEO of SIVECO Romania

SIVECO Romania Board of Directors appointed Florin Ilia as President and CEO of the company.

Doina Binig, Vice President Strategy & Chief Operating Officer was also appointed as a member of the Board of Directors.

Florin graduated the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science within The University of Bucharest. He is an IT systems specialist, with a solid experience in developing and implementing national-scale projects of high complexity, and is one of the ‘brains’ that contributed to the international expansion of the company. He joined SIVECO Romania in 1994.

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The digital classroom becomes a reality

Florin Anton,
eLearning Department Director

The digital textbook for Mathematics and Environmental Exploration, developed by Litera Publishing House and SIVECO, is ready to be implemented in schools.

First grade students will receive free textbooks at school, both in print and digital version, and they will also be able to purchase auxiliary notebooks, practical supports developed by the two companies, according to the existing curriculum that is meant to extend the learning experience provided by the textbook.

"The digital textbooks that we developed for teachers and children provide, through its interactive activities, an innovative vision for the teaching and learning process. The touch-screen technology that is so appealing for the kids is actually helping them to learn while playing and discovering. Children are encouraged to explore by themselves or to work together in order to learn how to support their ideas", says Florin Anton, eLearning Department Director and Project Manager for the ManualPlusDigital project.

10,000 students from Kazakhstan use e-lessons powered by SIVECO

Radu Jugureanu,
AeL eContent Department Director

SIVECO Romania recently started the partnership with Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools (NIS), a network of 16 primary, secondary and high schools with over 10,000 students, located throughout the Republic of Kazakhstan.

"We are developing an integrated eLearning solutions that comprise digital libraries, so important for teaching, learning and assessment, and for the management of multimedia educational content, and other complementary tools such as educational portals, virtual laboratories, meant to improve the educational process in over 20 countries on four continents", says Radu Jugureanu, AeL eContent Department Director.

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  From paper and pencil to interactive pens and stereoscopic screens

SIVADOC Project:Cloud

Mihăiță Ionel,
Customized Applications & SIVADOC
Department Director

The document and workflow management is a complex process for any business.

The process can be optimized with the help of an IT solution, such as SIVADOC Project:Cloud, which offers rapid and secure access to updated information.

This solution allows secure document storage on the cloud provider’s server, instead of locally on the company’s computers. The cloud-based solution allows quick differentiated access for users, to important documents, anytime from anywhere.

"SIVADOC Project:Cloud is the perfect solution for Romanian companies that need efficient management of documents with no costs for hardware infrastructure and for software licenses acquisition", says Mihăiță Ionel, Customized Applications & SIVADOC Department Director.

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How efficient is your business

Ştefăniţă Ghiţă,
SIVECO Applications 2020
Development Director

SIVECO Business Analyzer - the IT solution dedicated to managers - is a dashboard where they can access various analysis that reflect the company’s performance.

The company’s dashboard can be accessed also on mobile devices (such as iPad, iPhone). With this new tool available for managers, there are no more space or time limits!

"The system uses e-mail or SMS alerts so the manager receives reports from the IT system on preset time periods. With these facilities we support managers that currently use mobile devices and want to stay in touch 24/7 with their business”, says Ştefăniţă Ghiţă, SIVECO Applications 2020 Development Director.

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  Cloud based IT solutions for successful managers
  Billing in cloud – lower costs, faster access

The Publications Office of the European Union selected SIVECO in a new important project

Ștefan Morcov,
Vice President

The Publications Office of European Union decided to upload its websites on a joint platform that uses Liferay technology, an open-source software developed by Liferay, Inc. This technology will offer a common development framework to other websites as well as various services and support in their operations (search, single sign-on, ordering s.o)

SIVECO Romania in partnership with Intrasoft were awarded a competitive multiple framework service contract with the title "Provision of development, maintenance, evolution and assistance services for the websites of the Publication Office using Liferay portal technology and SparQL query language".

”The selection criteria were very strict and we managed to comply with all the requirements. We hope to contribute to ensuring a pleasant experience for the visitors of the websites managed by the Publications Office”, says Ștefan Morcov, Project Coordinator, Vice President SIVECO Romania.

The Publications Office ensures the publishing of EU institutions materials. Moreover, it offers a number of online services giving free access to information on EU law, EU publications, public procurement, EU research and development, the official directory of the European Union, a guide to the administrative structure of the European institutions.

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E-NO FALLS = accident prevention for the elder European citizens

Monica Florea,
European Projects
Department Director

In Europe, the number of people over 60 will grow faster than any other age group, during 2020 -2060, turning into a real challenge for any country.

E-NO FALLS European project was developed in order to prevent a potential crisis of emergency services for EU elderly.

"E-NO FALLS addresses public authorities, investors, insurance companies and healthcare providers across Europe who are invited to share their knowledge, expertise, resources and experiences in order to implement and accelerate the development of innovative solutions to help elderly”, says Monica Florea, European Projects Department Director, SIVECO Romania

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 CoNCORDE, a critical situations coordination mechanism used at European level
 5,000 European schools will benefit from new e-learning resources for science disciplines

Are we ready for tomorrow’s jobs?

Suppose we are in 2020 and we read the job offers: Avatar designer, Urban agricultural, Seed capitalist, Longevity consultant, Digital life manager, Cyber security officer, 3D Food Printers. Do these professions sound familiar to you? Most likely not. But they will probably appear in the near future and our children will practice them. The question is: how can we prepare them for tomorrow’s jobs?

”The only thing we know about tomorrow is that it will be different. 65% of the jobs that will be available in 2020 do not exist today, so we have to train our children for jobs that were not invented yet, in order to solve problems that do not exist today, with technologies that were not yet developed”, says Radu Jugureanu, AeL eContent Department Director, in an article published by IT Trends, a Romanian IT magazine.

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