International recognition for the Payment Agency for Rural Development and Fisheries in the economic development of the rural areas in Romania | SIVECO Romania

International recognition for the Payment Agency for Rural Development and Fisheries in the economic development of the rural areas in Romania

Thursday, February 14, 2013
In the past 5 years, the Romanian villages have attracted over 5.18 billion euro from European and national funds with the help of the IT solution developed by SIVECO

The IT solution with national coverage implemented at the Payments Agency for Rural Development and Fisheries received the Finalist title within the international competition European IT & Software Excellence Awards, in the category of best projects of the year dedicated to the public sector. The System for Processing Requests for Rural Development was appreciated by the jury for supporting diversifying the economic activity and increasing the quality of life in rural areas according to the EU regulations.

The system manages the payments performed from the European funds and national funds for the 11 rural development measures within the National Rural Development Program, performs a strict control of the allocated funds and administers the applicants’ requests for accessing these funds: over 139,879 funding requests valuing over 17.659 billion euro were managed. Out of these, 64,850 projects have been selected to receive non-reimbursable funding amounting to over 5.18 billion Euro from European and national funds.

The applicants can be both public institutions applying for funds in view of developing the infrastructure in rural areas, the water and sewage networks or the education institutions and also private companies. They can apply for funds for farm development, installation of young farmers, constructions, silos, mills, equipments, agricultural equipment, pisciculture, zootechny (animal breeding), tourism, and the creation of new companies or development of the existing ones in rural areas is thus being encouraged.

The administration and control system of the applications and payments for rural development considerably reduces the applicants’ waiting time during application processing flow and provides them quick access to the electronic information by means of the dedicated portal.

“We are contributing to the development of Romanian villages and to the economic diversification of rural areas through the payments management system from European and national funds, as well; by means of this system payments in amount of over 5.8 billion Euro have been authorized and paid starting with 2008, out of which 4.737 billion Euro are funds allocated by the European Union”, has stated Gabriel Lospa, Line of Business Director eAgriculture, SIVECO Romania.

With help of the system, the Payments Agency for Rural Development and Fisheries obtains controlled access to centralized information under conditions of maximum security, the farmers’ unique identification, as well as integration at national level: the system covers all 8 regional centres, 42 county offices of APDRP and 42 County Directions of MADR, as well as the headquarters of the two institutions.

“Through this system’s implementation, our institution is improving its performance and is increasing the efficiency of the decision making process, based on correct information, accessible in real time. Moreover, by using the standard forms, the automatic evaluation system and the intuitive manner of reporting, important time savings are made, translated in the efficient use of human resources at the organizational level”, appreciates George Turtoi, General Manager APDRP.