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10 advantages brought by the IT-based documents management

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

How does SIVADOC ensure reducing the documents processing costs?


Bucharest, 10.04.2012 – 80% of the employees consume an average 30 minutes per day searching for information, while 60% of them consume one hour or more recreating already existing documents. By using an IT-based solution of documents, the degree of improvement grows by at least 50%, and the documents approval is reduced from weeks to hours.


SIVADOC, the documents management solution from SIVECO Romania, ensured 10 major advantages:


1. Allows for centralizing and making all the documents available to the entire organization, irrespective of the mode of their entry into the system or of their nature (documents of text type, electronic messages, faxes, scanned documents, images);


2. It represents a flexible modality for organizing the organization documents on a tree-like structure, similar to a system of standard files – drawers, folders and documents;


3. Generates documents in standardized formats – based on documents templates;


4. Adjusts the simple search or advanced search mechanisms to any level of knowledge in computer use, as well as to the needs of carrying out filtering based on criteria of various complexities;


5. For the documents in printed format, it provides mechanisms for scanning and information extraction of type Optical Character Recognition, while for the documents entering in electronic format are used mechanisms for integration with the electronic messaging systems, with fax messages management systems, as well as facilities for automatic upload of the documents saved in specific directories;


6. Ensures integration with the Microsoft Office and Outlook/Lotus Notes applications, and integration into the Microsoft Windows working environment;


7. Allows for secured access to any level of the documents Repository, be it a drawer, a folder or a document;


8. Ensures reducing the storage space by transposing the documents from the archive fund (pool) into electronic format – documents scanning, generating barcode labels, storing distributed on several locations /databases;


9. Safely maintains the documents in the archive without the risk of their deterioration;


10. Accurately reflects, through the administration facilities, the mode of organizing and the activity developed, ensuring the protection of information, both within and outside of the organization.


“With SIVADOC -Document Management solution from SIVECO Romania, documents are no longer lost as they are electronically stored, the deadlines for their solving or transmission are respected, and data redundancy is avoided, while the management becomes more efficient.  The documents management ensures reducing the waste, an efficient working mode, as well as transparency and promptness in its customer relationship. The savings made by using the system bring organizations a significant reduction of expenses, covering the investments abundantly and very quickly”, has stated Ionuţ Arsene, SIVADOC Product Manager within SIVECO Romania.


The SIVADOC Product is part of the Integrated Information System of the Bucharest City Hall, has been implemented at Kishinev City Hall, as well as at the Shipyard STX RO Offshore Tulcea and GRIRO Bucureşti.


Nominated and designated winner in numerous specialty national and international competitions, SIVADOC product enjoys recognition both from the IT specialists and from the end users, too, while successfully competing with the international solutions in its category.