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10 important advantages for farms managers

Thursday, March 5, 2015

You can find out your revenue, costs and the profitability of your business, using the Farms Management System from SIVECO Romania

Approximately 50% of the agricultural area in Romania is owned by large farmers. They can benefit now of an IT system that brings substantial benefits, contributing to the development of their business.

The Farm Management System, developed by SIVECO Romania specialists is an intuitive and efficient IT solution that manages all specific activities in a large farm.

The system assures collecting, relating, reporting and forecasting data on farm management and agricultural land.

The modules which perform all these activities relate to graphical maps of land use, management of APIA subsidies for agricultural area in use and crop management.

The human resources and agricultural activities can be scheduled and monitored, as well as the use of agricultural machinery and fuel consumption.

The reports generated by the system are extremely useful to any farmer: progress of work carried out at the crop, parcel, farm, production reports on crop, surface, activity, resource used, reports on budgeted costs at farm level, reports for tracking the contracts, reports on the management of inventory and fixed assets, reports on maintenance and repairs.

“It is important for every farm manager that manages large land parcels to smartly monitor their business and to have access to useful information that help them make the best decisions. They can view in every moment the efficiency of every crop and they can act objectively. All our solution’s benefits will have as effect cost reduction related to business management”, says Gabriel Lospa, eAgriculture Director, SIVECO Romania.

The application can be accessed on mobile devices or tablets, anytime, from anywhere. Thus, farmers will be up to date with the level of the agricultural works and the status of the agricultural machinery.

On the other hand, the system provides management of financial accounting and salaries, landowners management, lease contracts and payments, stock management of raw materials, auxiliary materials and products, management of actual consumption of raw materials, auxiliary materials, work force, agricultural machinery management costs, management overhaul and repair work.

What benefits do the farmers obtain?

Here are the 10 most important benefits brought in by implementing the Farm Management System:

  1. Knowledge, in real-time, the situation of the agricultural work, including as a map.
  2. Knowledge and analysis of the crop history, activities, the resources used and the results obtained.
  3. Consumption control of all types – seeds, materials, fuel, spare parts, manpower etc.
  4. Generation of a crop rotation plan.
  5. Thematic maps usage: maps of executed works, multiannual maps with the completed crops and fertilizations, maps of incurred expenses etc.
  6. Profit determination per plot or type of crop.
  7. Integrated, flexible, scalable and robust system.
  8. Elimination of human error.
  9. Processing ability of  large amounts of information.
  10. Proactive decisions through fast access to last minute information.