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10 reasons why manufacturing companies need IT&C solutions

Friday, July 10, 2009

The Manufacturing Management Component from SIVECO Romania helps companies to minimize costs.

Bucharest, 20 July 2009 - In a market which is changing, the IT solutions for manufacturing field should be adapted to the customers needs.

Manufacturing companies - even are continuous production, flexible production or mass production, manufacturing companies - need tools to control the costs of production.

Production Management, the main component of Integrated Information System SIVECO Applications 2011, has been developed to international competitiveness, being one of the best IT solution of the Romanian market.

There are least 10 reasons for the Manufacturing component to be worth in the company attention:

1. Production planning - based on the contractual terms of production orders in process, forecasting needs for raw materials and equipment;

2. Reducing stocks of raw materials and unfinished production by 30% - by stock tracking component costs and improves the use of the budget for production;

3. Increased speed of processing documents - improving from 5 days up to 5 hours the data processing of 300-400 bills of material;

4. Reduce by 25% of the time for registration and issuance of accounting documents generated from production;

5. Decreasing from 1-2 hours to 15 minutes of time required to obtain of all delivery documents - the automatic generation of invoices/notices and use price lists with the possibility of managing discount sites for each customer;

6. Increasing by 50% of cash flow control by highlighting in statements the cash needs for certain periods, and by planning in advance the cash needs based on receipts of payments data and overdue invoices data;

7. Decreasing time to place the data from 3 days to 1 day - through the generation of documents from other existing systems and simplify the flow of operating documents;

8. Eliminating time of distribution and archiving documents - through integration with document management and workflows;

9. Eliminating time required for recording documents - by the automatic generation in general ledger of predefined documents;

10. Eliminating time used for the provision of complex analysis - (sales by type of product profitability by product/customer), which are obtained by indicators specific to management reporting.

"The Management of Production by SIVECO Romania allow to develop a detailed planning of production (equipment, human resources) in accordance with the planned acquisition of materials, to obtain final products within the time requested. Thus ensuring optimization of the entire production cycle of any organization, the stage of receipt of the order of the client to deliver the finished product," said Cristina Chirvasie, Manufacturing Solution Sales Manager SIVECO in Romania.