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12 advantages for the companies choosing the Waste Management Component from SIVECO Romania

Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Component is part of the integrated information package SIVECO Applications 2011 and is dedicated to economic operators with activities of collection, transport, storage, capitalization and waste removal

Bucharest, 4th of November 2010 - Economic operators generating waste have now an easy instrument for activity management. SIVECO Romania provides companies that are obliged to keep the records on waste the Waste Management Component, within the integrated information package SIVECO Applications 2011.

"SIVECO Romania supports Romanian organizations entering the European market - a market already consolidated, with established players, with string positions and with education and sophisticated consumers. The complex information system we provide offers information, technological and infrastructure consistency that a performing management needs, but also the compliance with the legal regulations in force", has stated Mihaela Baciu, Project Manager SIVECO Romania.

Using the Waste Management Component, the economic operators benefit from at least 12 major advantages:

1. Registration in the database of the information regarding the source of waste, date of their production, quantity and storage location;
2. Notification /warning in case of potential pollution risks;
3. Generating a full history referring to the waste production;
4. Possibility to know exactly the waste quantity existing in stock and the right moment for their removal;
5. Monitoring all the waste transportation activities, with the possibility to associate a responsible person and a historic cost from the quantitative and financial point of view;
6. Identifying procedures for waste elimination through filtered-searches; the main search filters are: date of activity, waste involved, activity responsible, single code;
7. Easily obtaining full conformity within the company's reports;
8. Monitoring the waste stored in different locations per levels of detail;
9. Automatic generation of specific reports, as well as of the documents necessary for storage, transport or waste removal;
10. Time savings as a result of the accuracy and easiness in exploitation of the system's database;
11. Reduction of management errors and avoiding waste return and the associated costs;
12. Improving the company's activity through increasing the efficiency of the activity of waste management according to the legal norms in force.