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1,500 teachers will learn to create educational software

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Beneficiaries of the project "The teacher - author of educational software" will be nearly 3 million students across the country.

Bucharest, 30 September 2009 - 80 experts will train 1,500 teachers in undergraduate education across the country to develop their skills on the achievement of educational software applications and improve ability to use interactive methods of teaching and learning.

This is the main objective of the project "Professor, author of educational software", whose beneficiary is the Ministry of Education, Research and Innovation, in partnership SIVECO Romania. The project is financed by structural funds and contribute to achieving the specific objectives of the SOP HRD 2007-2013 AP 1 by improving access to education and training, providing modern and quality training.

Training program will focus equally, psycho-pedagogical training, training methodology and skills to use ICT. Graduates of the training program will receive transferable credit-bearing professional diplomas.

"Making educational software applications and implementation during the class hour conducted to enable the adaptation of teaching to their individual needs and learning rates of students. The project contributes to the professionalization of teachers," said Radu Jugureanu, Expert Project Implementation, within SIVECO Romania.

The beneficiaries of the project are approximately 767,439 students in secondary education, 284,412 students in vocational education and technical and 1,900,561 students in primary and secondary school. By applying of educational software applications in the classroom, developed by teachers in collaboration with students, will record better results in education - by raising interest in the study, achieve computer skills, facilitating the understanding of phenomena.

"These results will help students acquire skills necessary for success in today's society currently in the process of transition to an information society. Along with teachers and students, indirect beneficiaries of the project implementation are the parents of pupils and local communities that will benefit from the positive impact brought by the project on the teaching process," said Traian Saitan, Project Director.

In our country, in primary and secondary education are working 144,489 teachers, of whom 108,779 are women, and 61,914 secondary school teachers, of whom 40,595 are women.

The project will run from 01.09.2009 - 01.09.2011.