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150.000 pupils were distributed in high schools and vocational schools in only 2 minutes

Monday, July 18, 2005

Bucharest, July 18th 2005 - A day in advanced as compared to the official calendar of the admission, the team of specialists from the Ministry of Education and SIVECO Romania, which administer the ADLIC application, distributed the applicants in high schools and vocational schools nation wide. In less than 2 minutes, 148.905 applicants were distributed. In order to make a perfect distribution in those two minutes, the Ministry of education coordinated a project which lasted more than 9 months. Whithin the project, official methodology was issued, and on its basis ADLIC 2005 system was developed by SIVECO Romania as part of the governmental project IT Based Educational Services (SEI).

ADLIC was used by 600 operators at ministry and county schools inspectorates and the 380 examination centers country wide.

The number of students that couldn’t be distributed as they filled in few options was the lowest in the history of the computerized repartition: 271 candidates (0,18 % of all).

Those who couldn’t be distributed last year because of the insufficient number of options expressed reached 3.895 (2% of all applicants).

The applicants who failed have a second chance at next repartition, scheduled on July 26th. Nationwide, there are 18.405 available places left in high schools, and 98.035 in professional schools. The number of available places in Bucharest after the first distribution is 2588.

According to the statistical reports generated by ADLIC application (developed by SIVECO Romania and used to distribute applicants in high schools and vocational schools), we have the following results:

  • As it happened last year, the most hunted area of expertise for the high school applicants is Math-computer science (as 9 out of the first 10 specialization in the country by admission grade were math-computer science)
  • The leading high school in the top of the admission grade is one outside Bucharest: „Mircea cel Bătrân” from Constanta, where the lowest admission grade was 9.88
  • The other counties represented in the most wanted high schools ranking are Dolj, Arges, Suceava, Prahova, Galaţi, Mehedinţi and Bucharest
  • For the second year in a row, the most wanted in Bucharest is the math-computer science class in English in National College "Sfantul Sava", ranked fourth in the national top with 9.80 as the lowest admission grade
  • In five counties (Damboviţa, Braşov, Sibiu, Olt and Buzău) all the applicants were pronounced „admitted”
  • Almost 60% of all applicants were admitted at their first option, while the percentage of pupils admitted in one of the top 3 options was 80%.

The precise and realistic filling in of the admission forms by all applicants was eased by using the „Admission orientation” tutorial, developed by SIVECO Romania and made available for the public starting the end of May.

At http://admitere.edu.ro/, part of SEI Educational Portal (http://portal.edu.ro/), we can find the final reports on the computerized admission. SEI Educational Portal is the most visited Romanian web site, with more than 50.000 registered users and 1 million visitors in the last 30 days.