1,583 teaching staff has benefitted from training courses in the project "The teacher- creator of educational software" | SIVECO Romania

1,583 teaching staff has benefitted from training courses in the project "The teacher- creator of educational software"

Friday, April 29, 2011

Teachers have improved their skills regarding producing their own software applications and the capacity to use interactive teaching-learning methods

Bucharest, 29th of April 2011 - The Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sport, in partnership with SIVECO Romania SA, is implementing the project "The Teacher - Creator of Educational Software", identification number POSDRU/57/1.3/S/34533, a project co-funded from structural funds obtained through the Sectorial Operational Program for Human Resources Development 2007 - 2013, Major Field of Intervention 1.3 "Development of Human resources in education and professional training".

The project's objective consists in elaborating and implementing of a lifelong training for 1,500 teaching staff from pre-university education, in order to develop the competences regarding carrying out their own educational software applications and improving the ability to use teaching - learning interactive methods.

Within the training sessions developed during the period October 2010 - March 2011 have benefitted from training 1,583 teaching staff from the pre-university education, out of which 73% are women. The distribution of the target group, taking into account the level of education where teaching staff is teaching, is the following:

• Teaching staff in the primary education - 9%
• Teaching staff in the vocational and technical education - 23%
• Teaching staff in the lower secondary education - 29%
• Teaching staff in the higher secondary education - 39%

At the end of the training sessions has taken place the final evaluation of the personal projects, where each teaching staff has given his/her presentation of the personal project, while 22% of them received the qualification (grade) "Excellent". Based on the grade received, the graduates of the training program will receive professional certificates bearing transferable credits (25) and diplomas giving them the status of creators of educational software.

The graduates' projects will be published on the portal and will be evaluated in order to participate in the national contest to be held in August 2011.

The facilities of the portal open the possibility to create a virtual community through which exchange of ideas is encouraged. This virtual community will be active also after project completion, as the teaching staff from pre-university education is benefitting from such valuable resources for the use of ITC in the teaching process.

The project carried out within the partnership between the Ministry Education, Research, Youth and Sport and SIVECO Romania SA contributes to reaching the objectives specific to the Priority Axis no. 1 from POS DRU 2007-2013 through improving the access to modern and quality education and lifelong training.

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