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1,700 women will participate in the project "Equal opportunities for successful careers"

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

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Sectoral Operational Program Human Resources Development 2007 - 2013
Priority Axis no.6. "Promoting social inclusion"
Major field of intervention 6.3. "Promoting social inclusion"
Project Title: Equal opportunities for successful careers
Contract's identification no.: POSDRU/97/6.3/S/64237

The project aims at increasing women's employment opportunities and ensuring equal opportunities at the work place

Bucharest, 12th of October 2010 - Three organizations will use their expertise for improving the skills and capabilities of women from vulnerable groups and ensuring equal opportunities at the working place. SIVECO Romania, the Academy of Economic Studies and MEDIAFAX are launching the project "Equal opportunities for successful careers", funded through the sectoral POS DRU program, having a value of 14,406,484 lei and running for a period of 24 months.

According to statistics, the employment rate of women in the age group 15 - 64 years is of 52.1%, lower than the one registered for men, 63.6% respectively. Moreover, although the majority of companies have adopted internal regulations, only 73% of the companies have included provisions on non-discrimination and only 50% have included provisions regarding sexual harrasment.

The project launched by the three 3 organizations - SIVECO Romania, as applicant, the Academy of Economic Studies and MEDIAFAX, as partners - has as target group 1,700 women. Out of these, 800 women with responsibilities in the field of human resources from companies will benefit from new instruments and knowledge for ensuring equal opportunities at the work place, while the other 900 will benefit from programs of training, counseling and professional guidance. The latter have to b in one of the following situations: they risk losing their job, are supporting monoparental families, have never participated in a training program for the past 2 years, belong to vulnerable groups (rroma, disabled persons, elderly etc). The project expert will ensure identifying the target group based on transparent and objective criteria.

The project will run at national level, as there are locations for the project's activities in 8 locations: Bucharest, Brasov, Cluj, Timisoara, Craiova, Ploiesti, Constanta and Iaşi afferent to the 8 development regions of Romania.

The Project "Equal opportunities for successful careers" will contribute to improving the certifications and skills of the target group and, by default, to increasing the employment chances, as well as to diminishing the social stereotypes regarding the woman's role at the work place, by promoting non-discriminatory policies in recruiting, employment and further development of women's career.

About the Academy of Economic Studies
The Academy of Economic Studies (ASE) is a public accredited university that contributes to the promotion and development of education, science and economic culture in Romania through training of tens of cohorts of economists.
Institution has currently 47,093 students, out of which 35,173 are graduating, (in the license cycle), 7,792 follow the masters programs, 2,235 at doctoral studies and 1,893 within the economic academic school and in post-graduate studies. Also, within the Academy of Economic Studies are employed 1,971 teaching staff and technical - administrative staff as well.
The Academy of Economic Studies coordinated 8 territorial centers placed in different regions in the country and cooperates with over 60 universities from 51countries. Within the institution operate over 109 research teams with ongoing activity, running programs of university studies for more than 11 fields of license and over 70 masters' specializations.


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