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2002 - A Fruitful Year for SIVECO Romania

Thursday, December 19, 2002

Bucharest, 19th December 2002 - The threshold between the years traditionally coincides with a retrospective balance moment.

"In 2002 our company celebrated its ten-year existence and the anniversary of this period during which we succeeded in becoming a leader on the national software market, represents an extremely emotional and significant moment both for SIVECO team and for the great family made up of our clients and partners", declared Irina SOCOL, General Manager, SIVECO Romania.

In 2002 the company's evolution followed the same accelerated development trend as in previous years - clearly oriented towards the achievement of important, key turn projects, both on the internal and external market.

The turnover increased significantly, with over 27%, from 6,5 millions USD in 2001 to 8,3 millions USD in 2002.

The company has a balanced structure, almost half of these incomes coming from the exports. As far as the presence on the international market is concerned, there has been registered, on one hand, an increase in the number of clients in USA, Western Europe and, on the other hand, the expansion towards less explored markets - China, Japan, India.

We have to mention that today over 1 400 beneficiaries all over the world are using SIVECO products.

In 2002 some complex projects have been concluded: the automation of Valea Jiului Autonomous Water Company or of ATLAS GIP, while the projects begun at ALRO Slatina SA, in Termoelectrica have been extended.

"Our company's 'admiral ship', SIVECO Applications - Integrated Information System for Enterprise Resource Planning, is now at its 10.2 version - a jubilee, consolidated version, with extended facilities and new modules (such as production management, international accounting standards alignment) or improved existent modules (transports management, human resources management)", declared Aurora CRUSTI, SIVECO Applications Department Manager.

"The number of local clients using this high quality ERP solution exceeded 130 - increasing our local customers database being one of our permanent preoccupations."

This year too, SIVECO Romania, together with the Ministry of Education and Research and the members of the consortium involved in Romanian educational system automation, contributed to the computerized candidate distribution in high schools and vocational schools.

"AEL, the e-Learning platform we developed, is now at 3.1 version and is already implemented in over 120 high schools", declared Florin Ilia, Internet Space Department Manager at SIVECO Romania.

"In this respect, the new school year was opened with 'AEL opened classes'. Two important national awards came to acknowledge the system's performances - in May, at BINARY 2002 and in November, at ROCS 2002. In 2002 AEL took part in the World Education Market International Exhibition in Lisbon, in the exhibition for e-Government projects, organized on the occasion of the Pan-European Interministerial Conference in Bucharest and in Gaudeamus International Book Fair."

The company has been acknowledged as well its efforts in August 2002, when prestigious AFAQ ASCERT re-certified SIVECO Romania, a company aiming to and acting for "quality excellence in software", according to the new ISO 9001 standard version, ISO 9001:2000.

"AFAQ ASCERT certification organization, which ranks among the most prestigious certification organizations in the world, is known as well as an extremely exigent institution by its quality system SIVECO Romania aiming to increase the competitiveness both on international and local market", declared Daniela BICHIR, Quality Assurance and Control Manager in SIVECO Romania SA.

Looking back retrospectively, 2002 was a very fruitful year for SIVECO Romania, especially in these circumstances, when the local and international economic conditions were not among the most favourable.

"We have all the reasons to believe that next year the company will have the same positive trend as in 2002 - for 2003 we aim to a 10,5 million USD turnover", SOCOL declared.

"We expect that in 2003 Romanian public and private companies become more and more interested in acquiring modern management tools such as ERP solutions. In Public Administration for instance, this trend becomes more and more visible. The expected favourable evolution of the Romanian economy and, consequently the improvement of the Romanian economy abroad, will attract foreign investors in our country - so the computerization resources are as well expected to increase. Here are as many reasons to look optimistically towards 2003".