2003-2004 e-School opening year in Brăila | SIVECO Romania

2003-2004 e-School opening year in Brăila

Friday, September 19, 2003

Brăila, September 19th 2003 - Gheorghe Murgoci National College in Brăila is today’s symposium host dedicated to e-Learning (e-School).

Organized by the Ministry of Education, Research and Youth, in association with the Scholar District Inspectorate from Brăila, the event emphasized the radical quality and mentality changes in the Romanian learning system during the past years, by using new educational electronic materials in this process. 

The manifestation benefited of the presence of Traian Ionescu, Ph.D. and director of the Informatics Department in the Ministry of Education, Research and Youth, Stelian Niculescu, Ph.D., as well as of school and high-school principles involved in SEI program (Computerized Educational System), of scholar inspectors and teachers in Brăila, local public administration representatives.   

"It is normal that e-School year begins, as any other school year, with a short résumé of the existing situation, that is with presenting the functional educational programs already existing in schools, their implementation and maintenance stages" declares Radu Jugureanu, responsible for educational materials in AEL project developed by SIVECO Romania.  

The event is meant to offer a discussion, opinion and experience-changing environment, where all the people involved in the learning process can contribute to finding constructive solutions for modernizing the schools. 

The first symposium session aims to identify the way the civil society and public administration can directly contribute to the success of the educational process and implicitly to the reform of the undergraduate learning system. The presence of Ph.D. Traian Ionescu, Viorel Mortu, general inspector at Brăila General School Inspectorate, as well as of Brăila prefect and mayor, are the best proofs that this generous, visionary program manages to focus the decision makers’ energy for the school benefit.

The second session, moderated by Radu Jugureanu, addressed teachers and inspectors, and focused on the way the educational materials are used in class with AEL.

Presently AEL includes over 100 lessons for Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, History, Informatics, Technology and auxiliary materials like encyclopedias, graphic editors, equation editors and virtual chemistry labs.

An interesting subject for this section audience is the aspect related to schedule creation on subjects with AEL, as well as the time and place the lessons will be audited by scholar inspectors during inspections.

 "It is mandatory that e-schools schedules are respected as strictly as the traditional program - and that inspectors check that this really happens", Jugureanu says.

AEL implementation stage in computerized labs, as well as teachers and inspectors training in implementing and using AEL, were among the subjects discussed at this third session, moderated by Emil Dragomirescu, implementation responsible within AEL project.

"There are 100 teachers currently trained and certified for AEL implementation - we have also certified as AEL users more than 10 000 teachers from over 900 schools all over the country" Dragomirescu declares. "During the next period we will organize, in Bucharest and Timişoara, AEL training courses for Informatics inspectors, because they will be verifying the already existing implementations; moreover, competent persons at district level who will be in charge of the schools involved in SEI program will be trained for  using and developing this complementary educational system".  

As more and more teachers ask to be trained in AEL, there is the possibility, in order to answer this social request, to organize, besides the tutor role assumed by the already trained teachers, free courses organized by Didactical Institutions near the District Scholar Inspectorates. AEL training will also be included in their educational offer.