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2004 – the 13th successful year for SIVECO Romania

Monday, December 20, 2004


Bucharest, 20th December – 2004 marks an important growth period in SIVECO Romania’s evolution.  SIVECO Romania knew a 30% increase compared to the expected turnover growth for 2004.  There are strong reasons to consider that the percent will be exceeded until the end of the year because some export contracts are  to be concluded at that time. 

The turnover structure for 2004 is extremely well balanced regarding the revenues sources. Thus, 47% of the 2004 revenues were derived from the eLearning, eHealth and banking solutions sales, the SIVECO Applications solution generated 42% of 2004 year’s revenues and 11% derived from the IT services and business consulting. The 67% clients growth from 2003 ensures a higher flexibility and predictability in the 2004 revenues.

“We could say that SIVECO Romania’ history knew thirteen years of pure luck”, Irina Socol says. “But I also believe that the luck was brought by our efforts and work, that cancel any superstitions related by numbers. The thirteen years of hard and sustained work are our arguments for this growth and we believe that this is the only one explanation and our success recipe”.

Starting with these extremely favorable premises, for 2005 we expect the company to attain 30% higher turnover, as 75% of the 2005 turnover is already covered in signed contracts.

“ The Romanian economy, validated as a functional market economy, starts to recover and to have higher and higher demands regarding the daily IT tools and the way of obtaining and analyzing the final result: anytime, anywhere, in a simple but significant way.” Irina Socol, SIVECO Romania general manager says. “The privatization process affecting numerous organizations in Romania is clearly a factor that drives IT spending forward," The EU accession preparations and the mandatory requirements specified by the international markets are turning the computerisation of their own systems into a priority for the Romanian organisations, Socol adds. "At the same time, this international opening is an extraordinary growth opportunity for the Romanian IT companies."

The good evolution of SIVECO Romania confirms the trend the company had in 2003; the company succeeded the performance to consolidate the leadership position on the market in 2003.

Data provided by market analysis company IDC shows that SIVECO Romania is the market leader on the Enterprise Application Suite segment with 30.9%. As for the software services, SIVECO Romania is the leader again, with 10.5% share of this market.

SIVECO Romania obtained in 2004 several awards at traditional IT&C events such as Binary (“The Excellency Award for the best ERP application on 2004) and ROCS (“The first ERP solution on the Romanian market prepared for the currency denomination”) and AeL eLearning platform was nominee by the European Commission for the Information Society Prizes (European IST Prizes) - the equivalent of the Oscar Awards for IT. Also, SIVECO Romania is number one among important software companies in the Bucharest Chamber of Commerce Top.

In 2004, SIVECO Romania has continued be involved in major national projects, started in the previous years: The National Health Insurance house (CNAS), SNP Petrom, Ministry of Education and Research. In the same time, implementation projects such as Petrobrazi, BRML, Bucharest City Hall, Aerostar, ANOFM and MEVA have continued.

Together with projects started in 2003 for private companies such as Topex public Swiching, Senia, Uztel Poiesti, FC Steaua, Anticoroziv, Romceram, Dobrogea Biscuit, ProTV, Holcim, UNICOM and Romvag Caracal, in 2004 the client portfolio enriched with several important names in the Romanian industry. GIURGIU NAV, GENERAL TURBO, CERONAV CONSTANTA, ALCOA FUJIKURA-ROMANIA, SERVTRANS INVEST and CONGAZ are some of the companies that, in 2004,  choose to modernize the business processes with informatics solutions provided by SIVECO Romania.

”60% of SIVECO Romania turnover comes from projects conducted for private companies, which proves that the solutions we provide are recognized on such competitive market," Irina Socol said.

The basis of the SIVECO Romania’s achievements is the SIVECO Romania team, of about 400 specialists with 32-age average.  In 2004 only, the company invested 5%  of its turnover for 42 training sessions for 311 employees. The training days for all the company’s employees totalize around 9 years (in all the 12 years of company history).


In SIVECO Romania every employee has a specific and well defined job description, evaluation methods and career development plan.

The well-known training organization CODECS has awarded SIVECO Romania, in November 2004, with “Best Investor in People” diploma, as recognition for the special care and education level that SIVECO Romania maintains for its employees.


At the same time with the development and implementation activities, SIVECO Romania has extended its commercial approach, on local and international area, direct or through partners.

The company has organized numerous events in Bucharest and in several other cities in the country that brought an important contribution to strengthen the organization image – SIVECO Romania –as a reliable partner in developing successful business.

At the end of 2004, SIVECO Romania has a strong partner network with 47 partners nationwide – trained and certified specialists for company products that support commercial and implementation activities as well.


The company showed its interest towards the international markets through the 10 international partners network – SUA (1), Great Britain (1), Germany (1), Switzerland (1), Republic of Moldova (1), Bulgaria (2), Turkey (2), Korea (1), in 2004. This policy will further developed in 2005.