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For 2006, Santa brings good news for pupils and teachers

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Bucharest, 2005 December, 23st - Recently, were held several public debates regarding the need of harmonization between Romania's strategy to automate its educational system and the European Union's standards and recommendations included in the i2010 program - A European Information Society for growth and employment, the speakers presented during the event the progress Romania has made in this regard, the short term goals set for finalizing/ implementing the SEI program as well as the long term strategies. 

If the program initially focused on installing the latest generation of IT products in schools, especially in high schools, the current phase of the program - SEI 4 – synchronizing with the projections made by the Ministry of Education and Research for the next five years until 2010, has the mission to support the transition from the technology to eContent, from the endowment with technology to the effective usage of technology, from the innovation process to the equity of chances and digital enclosure.       

 "The 4th phase of the SEI program initiated in 2005 supports the objectives included in the educational reform, according to the EU action plan and recommendations, bringing important benefits by streamlining the access to learning resources available online and by changing the focus from technologies to the content and to learning methods.", said Stefan Morcov, Project Manager SEI within SIVECO Romania.

SEI4 brings several enhancements (to the educational process) by addressing the secondary school level as well as including the schools from the countryside in the project, practically investing three times more effort into the creation of the electronic lessons, developed under the AeL brand's umbrella. The main benefit refers to a major chance, consisting in giving up the development of singular specific projects meant to support the automation of the educational system (the automation of the High School Admission exam, Baccalaureate exam, the Teachers’ nomination upon vacant positions exam, as well as the social programs - EURO200  and “Money for High School” program) in favor of a more holistic approach, by developing A National Data Base of the Educational Process.                      

Through the SEI4 phase, the project aims to achieve an effective usage of the IT resources currently implemented in schools. In this regard, the National Center for Technical Support, where the schools' representatives may ask for assistance by calling the Free of charge Telverde - 0800 410 444, the professors' training institutionalization for the usage of IT&C (Information Technologies and Communications) and eLearning platform in the educational process, by providing authorized training sessions through the Casa Corpului Didactic institutions, based in every county as well as through a better analysis (efficient monitoring) of the results achieved throughout the project, respectively the percentage of the effective usage of the electronic lessons.  

Recently, the Romanian strategy to implement the Information Society within the undergraduate level had been an acknowledgement of its core value, receiving various prestigious international distinctions and awards

The AeL lessons developed by SIVECO Romania within the SEI program won the World Summit Award and received an "Honourable Mention" at the eEurope Awards for eGovernment 2005, qualifying Romania among the countries with the best 8 eGoverment programs in Europe.