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The 2006 SIVECO CUP was launched!

Monday, January 30, 2006

Bucharest, 31st of January 2006 – On the 30th of January was launched the forth edition of SIVECO CUP, a contest dedicated to the most skilled pupils interested in developing  educational software, but also to the teachers that innovate in this domain.

Organized by SIVECO Romania, under the patronage of the Ministry of Education and Research and in partnership with PC Magazine, SIVECO CUP aims to stimulate, reward and valorize the creative potential of the pupils at undergraduate level.

"SIVECO CUP is surely the most powerful competition in the field and it grew stronger every year. At the third edition, we had more than 500 participants and the pupils and teachers’ interest is growing, especially because the most valuable solutions can be distributed in all the schools in the country by incorporating them in SEI (IT-Based Educational System) program. For us, the lessons they propose is  the most accurate and valuable feedback, because it shows us What and How they want to learn, it tells us a lot about their educational needs”, declares Radu Jugureanu , eContent Manager within SIVECO Romania.

As well as last year, SIVECO CUP addresses mixed teams, made up of maximum three pupils, regardless of their study level (IX to XII grade), a teacher and a technical counselor for the programming techniques used.

"The fact that the teams are formed of pupils coordinated by teachers, stimulates the interaction between pupils and teachers. The accent is on „learning by doing” and all the process is centered on the pupil. It is an interesting process of cooperative learning with a positive effect both on pupils and teachers" says Radu Jugureanu.

The participants can chose this year various themes from different fields: mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, philology and social sciences, history, geography, technology or miscellaneous themes”  The 19th of May is the final date of the online stage of the contest. In this stage of the contest, the participants can send their work at and they will have the scientific, didactic and pedagogic support of the commission formed of SIVECO representatives and teachers named by The Ministry of Education and Research for each stage and who are well-known for their didactic activity. The commission involves itself in improving the works without interfering in the score. The final stage of the contest takes place between 1-4 of June 2006, when 15 teams(one paper each) will qualify for the final. For the selection of the 15 works, the last version  has to be sent until the 19 of May 2006 in order to be evaluated. 
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