2007 will be the year of European projects for SIVECO Romania | SIVECO Romania

2007 will be the year of European projects for SIVECO Romania

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Bucharest, 28th of February 2007 -  2007 will be the year of European projects for SIVECO Romania.

The company is present on unique European market through software solutions which respond to the needs of European Union and sustain the organizations which are present on this market by: SIVECO Applications 2010 – new version for complete solution created for unique market, SIVADOC 2010 – workflow and document management system, eLearning solutions, eTraining, eHealth, eCustoms, eAgriculture, eBanking solutions.

In 2007 the company aims to increase the turnover by 20% (around 50 millions USD) maintaining same increasing rate as previous years.

„2007 will be the year for European projects because this represents next step for SIVECO Romania. We develop and evolved through complex projects and our expertise in developing, implementation of software solutions recommend us as a trustful partner for any company on European Union market. Our objectives for 2007 are ambitious but realistic. We consolidate our projects and our partnerships and we start new ones and we invest in research and development because this is the way to progress and we rejoin our success projects at national level. We want to offer to our beneficiaries the best solution to efficient theirs activity: software that matters”, says Irina Socol, General Manager for SIVECO Romania.

The needs for business management solutions which can include all conditions imposed by European Union is more than necessary: ”Unique European market became for all of us the scene for future developments, but this just if we know what are the opportunities. European Union brings a true reality for all economic areas and ERP solutions will represent the center for future developments”, says Aurora Crusti, manager for SIVECO Applications department.

Launch of this two software solutions, SIVECO Applications 2010 and SIVADOC 2010, developed to respond to the needs of the unique market, represent a predictable step for a company that try to respond in real time to the needs of own clients and to the needs imposed by continuing development of business environment. It is also a required step in evolution of SIVECO Romania which aims to became a regional software integrator.

SIVECO Applications 2010 – software that matters for lining with the needs of European Union

SIVECO Romania offers companies a mature, complete and integrated solution – software ready for European Union, SIVECO Applications 2010.

„We believe that integrated software solution SIVECO Applications 2010 will contribute decisively to consolidation of the Romanian management mentality regarding the importance of implementing a competitive ERP as gaining competitive advantage on market”, says Aurora Crusti.

The ERP SIVECO Applications 2010 addresses to any type of organization, and it is a new instrument, extremely useful who can efficiency the activities and internal processes and to assure a great management for these. The benefits that SIVECO Applications 2010 brings are numerous: increasing the productivity, good use of resources, knowing the incomes and costs, decreasing the costs. Concomitantly the users can orient much better in the business environment which results in increase competitiveness and an opened communication between partners. 

Clients of SIVECO Romania benefits of known expertise on national and international markets that company specialists owns in developing and implementing ERP solutions.  

More than 450 national customers and 180 beneficiaries from 35 countries sustain the quality of SIVECO solutions. Big companies choose SIVECO solutions: AEROSTAR Bacau, MEVA Turnu-Severin, PETROM, Astra Bus Arad, General Turbo, Romanceram Roman, Uztel Ploiesti but we can mention collaboration with important private companies like: Raiffeisen Bank, Citibank, Dobrogea Biscuit, URSUS Breweries, Carpatair, Metacom Group, Anticoroziv, Congaz Constanta, Urban or public institutions: City hall of Bucharest, Ministry of Communication an Information Technology and so on.

„SIVECO Applications 2010 is a software that matters which contribute to introducing IT in Romanian economy and society. It is used by organizations which have a great impact in Romanian business environment, fulfill from the point of productivity to the European level: a person that use SIVECO Applications work 8 hours/day but produce an equivalent of 12 hours, have access to all necessary and UE compatible reports.   We do not considered that a project is finished until we are not sure that our client uses the application very well and all modules of the applications are perfect used. We can use some examples from ours beneficiaries: “With us, the user doesn’t have any head ache. It is a rarely situation…” says Irina Socol, General Manager for SIVECO Romania.

SIVADOC 2010 – software that matters when taking the decisions 

The conception that stands at the base of SIVADOC 2010 is that the data, registered and stocked in any form, can be found and reused and this represents that the users can use in real time the data when they take decisions.

SIVADOC 2010 brings important benefices to theirs users:

  • increase efficiency through structure the activities and necessary documentation;
  • competitive advantage through decreasing time response to the needs of the clients;
  • permanent monitor of documents within processing flux;
  • centralized management of documents;
  • automation and standardization workflows;
  • management of access rights etc.
  • offer a management system for tracking of activities and performances;
  • represents an IT support for auditing activities.

„For all Romanian organizations which entered from 1 January 2007 on UE market, SIVECO Applications 2010 and SIVADOC 2010 represents great options because they assures efficiency for activities and planning the resources and a competitive advantage on market. We offer European market software applications that matters capable to sustain the development and the progress for any organizations present on market”, says Irina Socol, General Manager for SIVECO Romania.