In 2008, turnover SIVECO Romania increased by 28% compared to 2007 | SIVECO Romania

In 2008, turnover SIVECO Romania increased by 28% compared to 2007

Thursday, February 19, 2009

SIVECO Romania company revenues have reached almost 90 million dollars in 2008, being obtained from the domestic and international market (Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East, the CIS), and both come from the sale of IT services and the provision of software licenses and maintenance.

In 2008, SIVECO Romania has continued the process of consolidating its position in the local IT and building premises to become a regional leader by strengthening presence on foreign markets and by expanding international recognition

Useful solutions for companies

Coming in support of local government, which has a potential for assimilation of modern information systems, SIVECO Romania has provided in 2008 comprehensive integrated solutions. SIVECO Romania launched iTax, a modern management system of collecting taxes and charges, for local administration.

Also in 2008 was launched Ballanced Score Card product, a management software solution for providing structured information and data for medium and large organizations.

Long-term partners

In addition to traditional partnerships developed locally and internationally with the world leaders in IT (Intel, Microsoft, Oracle, HP, IBM, Bull) SIVECO Romania also expanded the network of local partners.


A significant contribution in the evolution of SIVECO Romania in 2008 had the continuation of international projects, particularly in e-Learning, but also eAgriculture, eCustoms, eHealth.

In international projects we can mention the Examination Baccalaureat Informatization in the Republic of Moldova, the Project Management Education System in Azerbaijan, the project to support education with computers and educational software in Morocco, The National Data Base of Education in Lebanon, eAgriculture project developed in Cyprus, eCustoms project of computerization for the of Turkish customs.

It should also be mentioned that SIVECO Romania is the first Romanian software company that bought a foreign company: Latona Bulgaria.

Projects for People

2008 was a continuation of complex projects, with high social impact, achieved with considerable effort and completed successfully.

The project of computerization of education - the most comprehensive modernization of the educational space - was expanded to rural areas.

Educational computerized record system currently over 7 million customers - students, teachers, trainers, parents.

One of the few projects for which the European Commission gave a favorable opinion of Romania is the computerization of the Agency for Payments and Interventions in Agriculture.

In 2008, they managed a real tour de force: An evaluation of 14,640,000 million hectares of land and processing of more than 2,000,000 applications for grants, thus providing for the first time farmers a means of modern and easy operation with EU funds.

An important success is also the project information held at the House of Health Insurance in Bulgaria, the first export of IT know-how in Romania.

Position on the local market

Market studies conducted by International Data Corporation (IDC) were placed SIVECO Romania in 2008 among providers of EAS solutions and IT services on the Romanian market.
SIVECO Romania holds 21% of the local EAS (Enterprise Application Software).

On specialized segments of the EAS, SIVECO Applications is the leading solutions for planning company resources - Enterprise Resource Planning, with a market share estimated at 24.7%. This performance is even more valuable as business management solutions is dedicated, according to analysts, the most consistent and active segment of the IT market in Romania. Market solutions for Business Analytics, IDC attributed the company SIVECO Romania a market share of 30.5%, while the segment solutions management for supply-flow outlets (Supply Chain Management), a Romanian IT company obtained a market share de13, 5%. Preserving the tradition of its presence in the elite IT developers, SIVECO Romania was ranked first and among the largest integrators of local software systems (Systems Integration), holding a market share of 15.9%.

Domestic and international recognition

Experience and professionalism SIVECO Romania specialists brought prestigious awards in 2008 and major national and international recognition: European IT Excellence Award, the Independent Software Vendor category Vertical Market, for involvement in the SEI.

Place (in the category R & D) in the national rankings of firms conducted by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania, and place among firms in Bucharest, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Bucharest.

APIA project was awarded the Excellence Award RoCS (Romanian Computer Show) by International Data Group.

Prize vocation successful entrepreneur has returned in 2008 to Irina Socol, Chairman SIVECO Romania, the distinction from the Balkans and Europe Magazine.

Plans for 2009

SIVECO Romania aims for 2009 increased its business turnover by 10% compared to 2008. "For 2009, the company plans aimed at strengthening and expanding successful projects started in previous years, projects on structural funds, identifying and exploiting business opportunities for local and international. We will continue to expand the vertical with high development potential," said Irina Socol, President and CEO of SIVECO Romania.

SIVECO Romania will expand international projects in areas which has expertise, and enter on the new markets, the first steps in this regard have already been held in previous years.
On the internal SIVECO Romania will focus on preparation of projects on structural funds and to provide turnkey solutions for various industries for large projects at national level, both for local administration, and for all sizes.

The company will continue its development projects in the country, and the emerging markets of Central and South America, Gulf countries and the Middle East, CIS, North Africa, where he was gained considerable experience in the implementation of eLearning solutions , eHealth, eCustoms, eAgriculture, eGovernment.

"2009 is to be a year of news, a year of recovery experience in those 17 years of activity of SIVECO Romania, a year of stability and efficiency. Our IT solutions helps business managers, employees, citizens, growing companies. We continue to maintain that, especially in periods of crisis, we can no longer speak of efficiency of activities and development of society without IT, "said Irina Socol, President and CEO of SIVECO Romania.