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3 IT solutions increase the performance of companies interested to get out of the crisis

Monday, March 29, 2010

SIVECO Applications 2011, SIVADOC and SIVECO Business Analyzer reduce costs and increase the efficiency of companies' activities

Bucharest, 29th of March 2010 - The first positive signs regarding economic activity presented by official reports show an increase by 7.1% of the industrial production, by 16% for the orders for Romanian industry and by 19.8% for exports, compared to January 2009. On a market giving signs of thawing, the IT solutions help companies rushing to consolidate their road to revival.

Three reference solutions of SIVECO Romania, recently awarded in the European IT Excellence Awards 2010 competition, are perfectly fit for the current needs of companies, interested in reducing costs, increasing efficiency and an increased control of the activities. SIVECO Applications 2011, the reference ERP product of SIVECO Romania, the documents management solution SIVADOC and SIVECO Business Analyzer represent useful tools for the companies interested to overcome the crisis faster.

The new version of the integrated package SIVECO Applications 2011 brings its beneficiaries an improved system structure, as well as new functionalities, containing now 45 components covering practically all the needs related to introduction of IT into companies from most various sectors of activity.

SIVECO Applications 2011 ensures the reduction of the manual labor volume dedicated to financial-accounting activity by 25%, an increase of productivity of the administrative work by 25%, over 20% growth of the outstanding debt collection, a 20% reduction of the costs of repairs for current and capital maintenance, over 60% reduction of overstocks, slow moving or frozen stocks, reduction by over 70% of the labor volume necessary for salaries calculation, elimination by practically 100% of errors in salaries calculation.

"Through the facilities it provides, SIVECO Applications 2011 performs the integration of all managerial functions of a company, from resources planning, providing the raw materials and materials stock, defining technologies, coordination of production processes, up to the performance of the financial-accounting management, the human resources management, sales of end products, maintaining and developing relations with customers and partners", said Aurora Crusti, Deputy Vice-President Commercial Division, within SIVECO Romania.

SIVECO Business Analyzer monitors and correlates all levels of the company's activity, allowing an analytic and synthetic real-time data processing. The consequence: a fast and efficient reaction in decision making, this being substantiated on synthesis, coherent, consistent information, received in real time. Thus, managers will be relieved from unimportant issues, being able to focus only on those really vital for the company's activity, that would allow them costs control and identifying sources to increase profits.

The solution for documents and workflows management SIVADOC has as main purpose the streamlining and automation of the documents flow, irrespective of their form and support. While representing an investment both with short term and long-term results for the beneficiaries, SIVADOC solves the critical problems of organizations regarding electronic archiving, labeling, searching, security, administration and integration of documents. The documents management system reduces by at least 30% the paper consumption, reduces by 45% the time allocated by managers to documents and by 15% the costs with documents.