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3D revolution in the classroom

Monday, September 22, 2014

From paper and pencil to interactive pens and stereoscopic screen

A project still on research phase will provide students a remarkable learning experience through practice and projects. „3D immersive” is an innovative augmented reality system that allows users to interact with 3D objects with the support of an interactive pen that can replace practically any instrument from the real world. The images are projected in open space.

Interactive stereoscopic screens allow a precise, rapid and flexible interaction with tridimensional objects and data. 3D Intuitive interface activate cognitive and intuitive systems of users for a rapid thoroughness of displayed information. Thus, rapid and efficient visualization of spatial attributes of objects and data will increase the understanding of abstract concepts from industry, medicine and education.  

With this new technology the learning process becomes exciting.  Romania is the first country in the world that developed 3D immersive educational content, projected on stereoscopic screen. The software developed by SIVECO experts allows an entire group of people to study space images, animations, video clips from different perspectives and distances, complex simulations in nanotechnology area, cellular medicine, surgery but also in area that presently are at modern sciences boundary.

”Imagine the implications of this technology in geometry and physics classes! Or the benefits for students who use 3D educational content, latter in their carriers. This technology will help them design buildings, planes, even clothes and decorations. Imagine yourself studying medicine in a city and, with the help of some almost Science Fiction instruments, you can simulate a brain surgery close to reality (also “feeling” a pressure in the “scalpel” used by you to perform the surgery, having as coordinator a famous surgeon from another city”, says Professor Radu Jugureanu, AeL eContent Department Director, SIVECO Romania.

eLearning solutions developed by SIVECO cover a wide range: from developing interactive educational content (over 45.000 learning objects), to developing eLearning platforms and educational portals. These address an extremely varied public: pupils, teachers, employees andeducational system officials, being used in over 25,000 schools from Europe, Middle East, CIS and Africa.