4,500 French teachers will be trained free of charge in acquiring digital competences and for their application in the classroom | SIVECO Romania

4,500 French teachers will be trained free of charge in acquiring digital competences and for their application in the classroom

Friday, October 7, 2011

Bucharest, 3rd of October 2011 - The Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sports, in partnership with SIVECO Romania, announces the launch of the portal http://franceza-fse.edu.ro/ , as integral part of the strategic project "Lifelong training of the teaching staff in using modern IT resources for the efficient teaching of French and European level evaluation of the linguistic skills".

The interested persons will be able to access specialty information, while the forum of discussion will encourage the exchange of information and ideas among the teachers participating in the course and other teachers from the virtual community of French teachers, their number being estimated at 10,500.

Within the project, a number of 4,500 French teachers, selected at national level from 4,000 schools, benefit free of charge of professional training based on acquiring interactive teaching techniques, by using modern ITC technologies.

Out of the total number of teachers included in the training program, 40% come from the rural area, being selected from the counties in the country.

Also, 100 trainers will be trained in order to provide the training programs to the teaching staff, and they are selected from each county and the six districts of the Capital city as well.

By means of the portal will take place the activity of pre-enlisting of the candidates from the main target group, validation of those fulfilling the conditions set in the selection criteria, transmission to the accepted candidates of the validation result, filling in by these of the courses registration form and of the POSDRU model form for registration into the main target group model. The composition of the groups from the training centers for the training sessions will be posted on the project portal.

The degree of portal's usefulness is acknowledged, as it is focused on building communities of target groups, where the users register themselves and use the free services of following the professional training digitized modules which contribute to the personal and professional development of the target group, while the diploma received through the training courses provides them with recognition at national level of the competences and skills acquired through graduation of the professional training courses.

The program's objective is the quality improvement of the human resources in education through the development of the teaching staff competences by means of the modern technologies, with the purpose of using the digital instruments of efficient teaching of French and the standardized evaluation of the linguistic competences.

The project runs over a period of 30 months and is co-financed the European Social Fund, through the Sectorial Operational Program Human Resources Development 2007-2013, Priority Axis 1 - "Education and professional training in support of economic growth and the development of the knowledge based society', Major field of intervention 1.3. 'Human resources development in education and professional training". The project has the identification number FSE POSDRU ID. 62771.