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4,830 youngsters will benefit from free training

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Project co-funded by the EUROPEAN SOCIAL FUND through Sectorial Operational Program for Human Resources Development 2007 - 2013, INVEST IN PEOPLE!

4,830 youngsters will benefit from free training within the project "Development of innovation, creativity, responsibility and sustainability of the Romanian strategic entrepreneurship"

Three organizations will use their expertise for improving the managerial and entrepreneurial skills of young people aged 18 to 35. The Romanian Association of Enterprising Youth, Pro Vobis - National Resources Center for Voluntariate and SIVECO Romania, have launched, Thursday, 27th of January 2011, under the slogan BEE A YOUNG ENTREPRENEUR FOR THE FUTURE, the strategic project "Development of innovation, creativity, responsibility and sustainability of the Romanian strategic entrepreneurship", financed though POS DRU, having a value worth 17,230,435 lei and running over a period of 36 months.

The Project will run over a period of three years and is co-funded by the EUROPEAN SOCIAL FUND through the Sectorial Operational Program for Human Resources Development 2007 - 2013, Priority Axis 3: Increase of workers and enterprises adaptability, Major Field of Intervention 3.1. - Promoting the entrepreneurial culture.

The project's general objective is the development of managerial and entrepreneurial skills and promotion of the business culture among youngsters, in order to develop the entrepreneurial spirit, of increasing competitiveness and generating an increased number of businesses.

The project's specific objectives are:

• Improving the practical abilities and theoretical knowledge of the target group by developing 17 training courses and by working with 3 business simulators consisting in interactive lessons dedicated to acquiring new skills, aiming to warranty for greater oganizational efficiency and correlation with the market requirements.
• Improving the knowledge of the target group in the field of ITC.
• Provide business consultancy by means of the 6 regional centre centers set up within the project for the persons wishing to start their own business.
• Informing the target group as regards the business environment, existing opportunities, elaboration of a business plan and relevant legislation in view of better labor organizations and increasing the market share, by means of 15 workshops in the entrepreneurial field.

To reach these objectives, young persons aged 18 to 35, interested in initiating a business or who have already made the first steps in this direction, will benefit, free of charge, of 16 training courses accredited by the National Council for Professional Training of Adults and an optional course on "Documents Management". The main training modules that are to be delivered to the young persons enlisted in the project: "Project Management", "Company's Management", "Efficient and effective investments", "Leadership", "Negotiation", "Business communication", "Corporate voluntariate - Human resources Management", "Corporate social Responsibility", "Commercial legislation", "Elements of accounting", "Risk Management", "Marketing", "TIC - elements in support of the company's management" and "Initiation in ITC". These courses will develop both by the classical interactive method, "face to face", within six training centers in Craiova, Timişoara, Cluj Napoca, Iaşi, Braşov and Constanţa, and online too, by means of an interactive e-learning platform.

The next step within the project consists in organizing six regional conferences for promoting entrepreneurship, in the cities where training centers will be set up, events to which will be invited nongovernmental organizations interested in promoting this concept among young people, public institutions having as beneficiaries young persons, young successful entrepreneurs in the region, potential beneficiaries, as well as press representatives. The conferences are scheduled to take place in March, when the inauguration of the first training center will take place in Craiova.

The main project activities aim at ensuring equal opportunities, sustainable development, innovation and ITC, bringing numerous benefits to the target group. Out of these we mention: improving the performances on the capital market, access to an innovative technologies (online training) with direct effect in promoting an information society, creation of a virtual network of cooperation among the target group components through the project's portal for counseling and business assistance and facilitating the transfer of good practices.

We thank you for support!

For additional information we kindly ask you to contact us at the following contact details:
Telephone: 0745 532752;
E-mail: arti_craiova@yahoo.com;
Contact person: Oana Baban, PR Responsible.

Yours sincerely,

Cristina Catană
Project Manager
Romanian Association of Enterprising Youth