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5 assets to work in projects with the European Union

Thursday, September 8, 2011

SIVECO Romania implements over 20 projects for the European Commission and provides services of software development and maintenance for 5 major organizations of the European Union.

Bucharest, 8th of September 2011 - To work for organizations of the European Union and for the European Commission is an extremely appreciated business card. Few are the companies which can get such reference. SIVECO Romania is one of the companies having won a consistent experience in providing services for these elite beneficiaries.

Which are the company's aces? The consistent experience in large scale projects software projects, compliance with the technologies standards, assuming the requirements in financial and performance terms, correct and optimal assurance of the human resources and a very good communication. All of these are vital conditions in order to be able to work in projects for the European Commission.

SIVECO Romania is now involved along with international partners in implementing over 20 projects for the European Commission and provides software development and maintenance services for 5 major organizations of the European Union.

The company has concluded the first contract with the Publication Office of the European Union for maintenance and development of the IT systems of the portal CORDIS - the portal of European research. The framework contracts have been signed in 2009 and will last for a 4 year period. The portal is the main information point for the research programs financed by the European Commission.

Next was the European Safety Aviation Agency where the company is providing software services for collaborative applications for documents management, records and workflows management. EASA is the key European Union institution responsible for the aviation safety strategy. Another project regarding the provision of spatial data systems - Geographic Information Systems is developed for the European Union Statistics Institute - Eurostat. SIVECO Romania is running a consultancy contract for the program Jaspers, EuropeAid, and for the development of the portal for European consumers? education Dolceta.

"We are confident we are providing the best solutions and services and we are able to take responsibilities. Few companies can meet the requirements of the European Commission organizations as regards financial and performance terms. We are very well in tune with the projects? needs, both as a vision, and from the competences point of view. In SIVECO Romania are working some of the best software specialists, recognized as such at European level, under the conditions that the Romanian software school is very appreciated in the European Union", has stated Ştefan Morcov, vice-president SIVECO Romania.

SIVECO is in full international expansion in countries from Central and Eastern Europe, European Union, CIS area, the Middle and Near East, and North Africa. The company exports services and systems in the field of health, education, agriculture, customs and for the banking & financial sector.